Distilled Water or Boiled Water: Which is better for health?

  • Distilled Water
  • Boiled Water
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Distilled Water - 4Boiled Water - 2
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
Base on the information that you wrote.
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
Well apparently, distilled water is healthier for us due to the "no bacteria" factor. Boiled water can be consumed, but after the boiling process there can still be bacteria present in the water. Boiled water should only be used in an emergency situation, and when boiling water for drinking purposes the water should be boiled more than once. A better process would be to boil the water and then distill the water for better purification.
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
  • Anonymous . February 2022
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
**** is smelly so i boil it and sometime i burn my butt, but i still drink it.
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
Simply because you can regulate the temperature of the boiled water. Also You know for sure this process has been done.

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