Chinese Medicine or Western Medicine: Which one works better on heart problems?

  • Chinese Medicine
  • Western Medicine
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Chinese Medicine - 5Western Medicine - 1
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
It treats the whole person.
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
because i know that chinese medicine is made from herbs,is from nature.
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
because western medicine is a business
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
Usually heart problems are associated with chronic symptoms and i believe Chinese medicine treat our boody as whole, more natural and reduce the chance of getting heart illness.
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
Chinese medicine works better on heart problems based on the fact that it rarely damages the systems that support the heart. Most western medicine is good for the heart but then you have to worry about underling conditons of long tern use that effects other organs like the liver and kidney, and even mental aspects.
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago

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