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Difference between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Sebastian Bach

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the world's most well-known and beloved composers of classical music in all of history. He composed more than 600 musical works over the course of his lifetime and started his musical career even before he reached five years old. He learned to play the violin and keyboard as a toddler, and before he reached 17 years of age, he was already an accomplished court musician.

Johann Sebastian Bach was a noted and celebrated composer and musician whose style of Baroque musical elements was revered for its technical components and beauty. While his compositions went largely out of fashion immediately following his death, composers such as Mozart and Chopin helped to revive the popularity of his music.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Johann Sebastian Bach

Early Life

Mozart was born on 27 January 1756 in what is now Austria, and christened Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. While his father who was a composer in the court orchestra influenced him greatly, it is interesting to note that his father stopped composing when he realized how remarkable his son's talents were.

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on 21 March 1685 to a family of noted musicians in Eisenãch, Germany. As the youngest child, he was exposed to a great deal of music from violin and organ to chamber music and harpsichord. When he was ten years old, he was orphaned and had to move in with his 24-year-old brother who maintained his lessons in music.


According to written accounts, Mozart was a very thin, short man with pale skin. His fine hair was kept in excellent repair and coiffed. His eyes were large and persuasive. From an encounter with smallpox as a child, Mozart's complexion was pock marked and he dressed elegantly at all times.

Computer modeling has shown Bach to have had a strong jaw, but slight under bite as well as a large head. Bach's vision was perhaps his only physical condition that affected his ability to compose. Cataracts were developed as he grew older and within a year of his death, he had two eye operations in which resulted in his complete loss of sight.

Important Works

Mozart's music is representational of the entire Classical style and his compositions were responsible for bringing classical piano concerto solos into popularity. Piano concerto No. 24 in C minor, and Symphony No. 40 in G minor, for example are illustrations of Mozart's style, which was recognized as both violent and sensual.

Bach is considered the father of "musical science" in the way Isaac Newton is for physics and William Shakespeare is for literature. The Brandenburg Concertos, Mass in B Minor, and the St. Matthew Passion are some of the most beloved compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach and his technical precision influenced many of the great composers and musicians who followed.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a prolific composer and musician who died at the very young age of 35, but made the most of his years on earth by composing at a feverish pace throughout his life. An animal lover with a propensity towards humor in his private life, Mozart influenced a great deal of musicians such as Johann Hummel and Ludwig van Beethoven. Many works have been written as tributes to Mozart as all who have heard it treasure his work.

Johann Sebastian Bach was also a creative and productive composer who throughout his 65 years of life wrote more than 1000 musical works in many genres of the Baroque style. Full of technical aspects, Bach's music was very influential in the field of religious worship music and both the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Episcopal Church of the United States rewarded his large contribution to this area of music with his veneration as a musical saint.


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Bach all the way !

**** you! Mozart is the best

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Mozart hmmmmmm

Bach is soooooooooooooooo much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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