Ashley Furniture vs. Raymour and Flanigan

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Difference between Ashley Furniture and Raymour and Flanigan

When people are searching for furniture to furnish a new home or an old home, they have many choices in where they choose to buy furniture. Two of the most prominent names in the furniture business are Ashley Furniture and Raymour and Flanigan. These two have many commonalities, however, they are also very different. They are different in the value that consumers place on these brands, what exactly each brand offers consumers and the number of places in which these brands can be purchased.


Value wise, Ashley Furniture is going to be the one that most people are going to lean towards. The reason is that they are still considered the number one store in all of the nation for furniture needs. The prices of these furniture pieces can be relatively high, however they do offer protection for five or more years depending on what you buy in order to replace should there be a problem with the couch. Given that Raymour and Flanigan is not available everywhere, they still offer reasonably priced furniture, though a bit more expensive than Ashely Furniture with protection that is going to cost the consumer.


Both stores offer many pieces of furniture. Ashley Furniture is known for its couches, recliners, love seats, entertainment centers and dinning room sets. They also carry a few select bedroom sets for people to choose from. On the other hand, Raymour and Flanigan offers much of the same, however they also offer an array of pictures for wall hanging, lamps, vases and even silk flower arrangements. In this sense it seems that the Raymour and Flanigan stores are more for the entire home furnishing needs when compared to Ashley Furniture.

Availability of Stores

This is probably the biggest way in which these two stores differ. Ashley Furniture is found nationwide. In most big cities a person is going to find that there are Ashley Furniture outlet stores in which they can shop. However, even if they do not have a shop nearby, many private furniture stores carry the Ashley brand since it is one that most people know and trust. On the other hand, Raymour and Flanigan offers a website on which people can purchase their furniture. They do have a few stores open in a few select states. And for those customers that do order online, the company does have strict delivery policies, thus some people are going to find that they are not eligible to even purchase furniture online.

Bottom Line

Both furniture stores are going to have loyal consumers that are going to swear by the brand.

Ashley Furniture is slightly less expensive on some items, while also offering an unbeatable warranty that does not cost the consumer any extra when compared with Raymour and Flanigan.

Both stores offer about the same amount of product offerings when it comes to furniture, which includes couches, dining room sets, bedroom sets and so forth. However, Raymour and Flanigan also offer rugs, lamps, vases, silk flower arrangements and so forth to furnish the entire home.

Ashley Furniture is a company that can be found throughout the nation. The company has many private stores, while also offering some of the furniture pieces through other furniture stores that are not brand specific. Raymour and Flanigan on the other hand only offer select stores in a few states with a website that only delivers to certain areas.


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