Mumbai vs. New York City: Travel Comparison

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Difference between Mumbai and New York City

Mumbai, formerly Bombay, is the capital city of Maharashtra, India. It is also said to be the commercial capital of the country as forty percent of India’s taxes come from this city itself along with most of India’s trades being carried out through this city’s harbor. New York is one of the most populated metropolitan cities of the United States of America. It is the center of global commerce, finance, media, culture, art, fashion, research, education and entertainment. Since the United Nations Headquarters is situated in this city, it is also said to be the center for International Affairs.

New York City


New York City has an estimated population of 8,391,881 up to July 2001. After Los Angeles, this city has the highest foreign born population (more than 36%). And while Manhattan is well known as a fast growing city with innumerable skyscrapers featuring its skyline, there also exists wide income disparity among the people.

Mumbai is often said to be the New York of India. According to 2001 census, it has a population of 13,830,884. This city has Asia’s largest slum with the poorest of people as well as the wealthiest of businessmen and actors. It is also the center for Indian Cinema Industry, Bollywood.

Geographical Features

Mumbai lies on the west coast of India at the mouth of Ulhas River, having a total area of 603.4 km2. It comprises of the Mumbai Suburban District, Navi Mumbai and the main city. Being a coastal city, it has tropical climate with heavy rain during the monsoon.

New York City is located in the Northeastern part of USA, approximately halfway between Boston and Washington D.C. The Hudson River flows through New Jersey and New York City separating the two. It has an estimated land area of 304.8 km2. This city is also located on the coast and has a temperate climate.

Culture and History

New York City has a rich culture in terms of Entertainment and Performing Arts. The city is also known for its variety of cuisines which is mainly due to the influence of the influx of the large number of immigrants every year into the city. Cultural movements like the Harlem Renaissances began here. It is also the center of Jazz, hip-hop and hardcore music.

Mumbai has been a city of diverse culture and history since even before the British Raj. It is rich in architectural history with several historical tourist places like the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. It is also the birthplace of Indian Cinema having a number of film studios.

Similarities and Differences:

  • Mumbai has important financial buildings like the Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange and the Reserve Bank of India. It was also said to be an important base for freedom fighters during the freedom movement of India.
  • In spite of the fact that it is a fast growing city, widespread unemployment and poverty remains.
  • New York is home to the New York Stock Exchange, the world’s largest stock exchange by market capitalization. It is also one of the most expensive cities to live in the whole world.


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