9/11 - 10 Years Ago vs. Now

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Difference between 9/11 - 10 Years Ago and 2011

The World Trade Center incident of 911 may be in everyone's memories, maybe even for life. For some people, the images of that day will stay fresher in the mind than for other people, depending on the degree of closeness or how the terrorist act affected their lives. Many people lost family and friends that day, other people saw devastation, but were not directly affected by the loss of family/friends, and for other people the effects of the devastation are still present, while they struggle with health or financial issues related to that fateful day. For these people, 911 is still real, now. Those affected in any way by the 911 tragedy breathed a sigh of relief when President Obama announced to the world that the Osama bin Laden was dead at the hands of a U.S. military Special Forces unit acting on behalf of America’s Commander-In-Chief on May 1, 2011.

9/11 - 10 Years Ago

Religious Tolerance

One of the issues that 911 brought into focus was a religious issue - Christian vs. Muslin - as the perpetrators claimed to have carried out the attack in the name of their religious beliefs. Ten years ago, although many people associated terrorism to the Middle East, many people did not include the religious aspect as major force. After 911, religion played a much more real issue in the minds of people and Muslims became the victims of religious intolerance. Even when most Muslims do not have anything to do at all with terrorism, the views of society have changed, and for many the Muslim religion advocates terrorism. The Muslim sect responsible for the 911 attacks is intolerant of people who practice any religion other than their own and blamed the U.S. for many woes in the world. The views and opinions by those in every country and religion regarding this issue are divided and controversial.

Security Measures

911 presented a new approach to the way that security is viewed in the USA now. Before, security at the airports and other points in the nation was more lax. Today, security measures have increased, policies have changed, and new equipment has been put into place. The public faces the annoying routine of checkpoints when traveling, and overall, city policies have become stronger on the reporting suspicious activity. The overall public is also more aware and ready to report suspicious activity since that day. The phrase "see something say something" has caught on in everyday life and in commercials addressing the issue.


Before 911, politics on the issue of terrorism have played into the speeches of many looking for political recognition and the vote of the population. After 911, the issue became more popular amongst candidates to a political seat; it is still today. The issues of security, our borders, terrorism, and war have become more highlighted and vocal or prominent in their agendas. However, politics play politics, and this has been evident in the latest issues of healthcare benefits for victims and families of victims of 911. The issue of politics around 911 is still one that is not so clear, and is still clouded by the debris and dust of that fateful day.

Similarities and Differences:

911 took away the lives of many people, changed the lives of many others, and left behind a nation that grows weary, with more distrust, and fear, although doing day by day the things that keep the nation afloat. Amongst many issues, two have seemed to change considerably - religious tolerance, and security measures. A third one, politics, has seemed to remain at a level of great controversy and stagnation around the issue.

  • American Special Forces killed Bin Laden at his home compound near the capital of Pakistan and very close to a military training center on May 1, 2011.
  • The government and military of Pakistan’s roles are under intense scrutiny.
  • Al Qaeda’s new leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has been publicly announced.
  • Few improvements have been observed on American politics towards 911 victims.
  • The public is more aware and ready to report any suspicious terrorist activity.
  • There are more security measures taken now since 911.


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  • uday pasricha . 3+ yrs. ago

The most important learning from 9/11 is that extremism is born where there is no democracy but best practiced where there is free society. The result has been that the global majority has had to change their entire lifestyle for a small minority. Individual freedom cannot be granted to those who have never experienced it just because they land in a democratic geography. Democracy lies between the ears and not on a soil.

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