Harry Potter vs. Voldemort: Triumphant over Evil

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Difference between Harry Potter and Voldemort

Those that have read or seen the Harry Potter series of books and/or movies are very familiar with the Harry Potter and Voldemort characters. Though these are both powerful wizards, there are several differences between the two that must be realized in order to understand the relationship and its complications. Differences we’ll look at here include differences between the characters of each person, the main reason that they are in the book or movie and the extent of their power.

Harry Potter

Character of the Person

Harry Potter is a character that is not portrayed as evil. He spends his life throughout the stories and the books fighting for the betterment and good of all the world. Voldemort works on his own agenda and is considered perhaps one of the most evil villains of all those that are in popular books and movies. Voldemort runs on the idea of having others do his bidding and if they upset him, he kills them. He runs off of the fear that others put out there, whereas Harry Potter is the person that everyone wants to win because he is essentially the good person.

Main Reason in the Book or Movie

The main reason that Harry Potter is in these pieces of production is because he is the hero that everyone needs in a book or movie. Harry Potter is the one that is meant to save everyone and because of this, his character is one of the most beloved. On the other hand, Voldemort is the villain of the books and movies, with also being the main enemy of Harry Potter. Voldemort is not one of the most well loved characters, however, his presence is needed in order to make Harry Potter even more beloved.

Extent of Power

Harry Potter is a young man, his power is good when compared to those that are the same age of his. However, given just how young he is, the extent of his power is limited. Voldemort on the other hand is one of those characters that seem to make his debut throughout all the books and movies for the final battle in which his historical powers make him a fair match against Harry Potter. Harry Potter does show that the power that he has, given that it is good, is much better. However, given Voldemort's age, his power is seasoned and very effective.

Compare and Contrast

Both Harry Potter and Voldemort are essential to have as characters in the books and movies in order to make the media more appealing to those that read it. The differences include:

  • Harry Potter is not evil, he is considered to be the hero of the story in which he makes the world a better place.
  • Voldemort is the evil villain of the story in, which is the main enemy of Harry Potter.
  • Harry Potter is a relatively novice wizard in terms of magical abilities given his age when compared to Voldemort.
  • Voldemort is an ancient wizard with intense powers.
  • Harry Potter is the character that everyone loves given his role.
  • Voldemort is the character that people hate, however is necessary in order for people to really love Harry Potter.
  • Harry Potter learns that trusting his inner guidance is all he really needs to emerge victorious over himself in his quest to resist the call and tricks of the evil lord. 


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  • Selina Hua . 3+ yrs. ago

Harry is way better, I mean come on, he is the hero of the story and is totally cool. Seriously, anyway, Voldemort has no nose!

  • Prabhu . 3+ yrs. ago

Harry Potter is nowhere near Voldemort. Reasons:

1. Harry is a kid, Voldemort is a full grown man.

2. Harry has a silly scar on his forehead which makes him look like a monster, while Voldemort has a very fashionable nose which gives him an aristocratic look.

3. Even though Harry is so popular he didn't get a girlfriend in his 1st year at Hogwarts, while Voldemort was already enjoying homosexual relationship with professor Quirrell

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