Ariel vs. Jasmine: Princesses from Far Away Lands

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Difference between Ariel and Jasmine

Ariel and Jasmine are two of the Disney princesses that every little girl grows up with seeing on the television, in movies, in books, on clothes and accessories and on a wide variety of toys and games. Though they are both princesses that are of the Disney world, they are very different. Their looks are one of the biggest differences, the kingdom in which they rule and the overall way in which they are portrayed.



Ariel is a red headed, blue eyed mermaid. She has green fins, while wearing a purple bikini top. Her hair is always pictured as being long and fluffy, with a wind blown look. At the end the movie, Ariel is given legs by her father and the subsequent movie shows her with legs as well. Jasmine is a dark headed beauty with brown eyes. She tends to wear her hair braided or banded in her appearance as well as dark eye shadow and shiny jewelry to show that she is royalty. While in disguise, she covers her head in a traditional Muslim style.


Ariel is a daughter of the King of the Sea. She is one of a long list of princesses in the ocean, with many sisters older than she is. She is the youngest in the family and seems to be what many consider to be a 'Daddy's girl'. Though her kingdom is the sea, she wants to watch those who walk on land because she feels that there is something better out there for her. Ultimately, her goal is to follow her heart and find a way to magically get human-like legs and marry Prince Eric.

Jasmine is a princess in the Kingdom of Arabia, though there are many indications that the movie is referring to the modern day Iraq. Jasmine lives in a huge palace that is adorned with everything that she could ever want, though she yearns to go out among those who are considered commoners in order to get away for a while. Her pet tiger is fiercely faithful as is her best friend for life, Aladdin. Aladdin takes her away from her life of responsibility on his magic carpet and he shows her what life is like outside of her castle.

Overall Portrayal

Ariel is portrayed as a hard-headed daughter who does not listen to her father's advice to stay away from humans. She has a free spirit that sees the good in everyone, which is why she does not see anything wrong with humans. Though she does go on to prove that she is right when she does become a human. Jasmine is one of the princesses that does listen to her father, though she goes behind his back to do things. She has a golden heart that is eager to help those that are in need. And she does end up having the discipline to make all things right in the kingdom in the end.


Overall, both Ariel and Jasmine are two of the princesses that little girls look up to and want to be someday. Though this is the only thing that they have in common, they are very different in other areas:


  • Ariel has red hair and blue eyes.
  • Ariel is a mermaid.
  • Ariel has a tail and wears a purple bikini top.
  • Ariel is King Triton’s favorite daughter and is a princess of the sea.
  • Ariel is very hard-headed and does not listen to her father and still goes out on adventures on her own.
  • Ariel wants to be human and be with Prince Eric forever.
  • Must overcome the evil spell cast by a ill-intentioned and greedy woman who steals the King's power. 


  • Jasmine has black hair and brown eyes.
  • Jasmine is human.
  • Jasmine wears her hair braided or banded with gold jewelry.
  • Jasmine is princess in Arabia.
  • Jasmine listens to her father, though she does do things in disguise so that he will never know.
  • Jasmine wants to mingle with ordinary people and be with Aladdin and ride with him on his magic carpet forever.
  • Must help her father overcome the evil spell cast by his power greedy assistant who tries to take over the kingdom. 


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