Jews In Media vs. Jews In Finance

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Difference between Jews In Media and Jews In Finance

People belonging to the Jewish faith have managed to assume key positions in many areas of industry nowadays, by virtue of their hard work, capability, connections and other factors. While this has been a subject of contention in some sectors, there is no denying the numerous contributions of Jews in media and finance. In this comparison article, we take a look at key Jewish figures in each field.

Jews In Society

In October of 2007, Vanity Fair magazine published a “world’s most powerful people” list comprised of some of the most influential figures in media, banking, publishing, business, publicity and various other fields. All of these people have shaped the course of society in many different ways. The publication of such a list isn't all that unusual, and many magazines have released similar features before and since. What makes it so relevant to this article is that fully half of all men and women featured in the article are Jewish.

Jews In Media

Issues regarding alleged Jewish control of the media have been familiar aspects of society for many decades now. In more than a few cases, such issues have been considered anti-Semitic in origin, with a considerable degree of conspiracy theory involved. One of the supposed goals of the Jews control of media is the influencing of global politics and financial systems. The presence of Jews in the media has also been proposed as a method to influence world policy in Israel's favor. It is interesting to note that these sentiments are still prevalent to this very day, with a 2002 poll showing that as many as 48 million people in the United States still believe in Jewish control of the media. More significant still is that these allegations have been voiced out by key global figures including Richard Nixon, Ayatollah Khamenei, Nick Griffin, and Osama bin Laden.

Jews In Finance

Jewish people figure equally prominently in the world of finance, and the issues surrounding their seeming domination of media are present here as well. From the 19th centuries to the present, Jewish Americans have played prominent roles in finance in the United States, most notably on "Wall Street". This "trend" actually began in the 1830s, when German Jewish bankers began borrowing heavily from government and private establishments to fund work on canals, railroads and other similar projects. Among the key figures during the period were August Belmont, Philip Speyer, Jacob Schiff, Joseph Seligman, Philip Lehman, and Marcus Goldman.

Crucial to the rise of Jewish prominence in finance was the adoption of policies and practices that favored family, as well as personal and business connections. Along with the reputation for honesty and integrity and ability, the willingness to take on calculated risks were instrumental in the ability of Jewish figures to raise capital from a variety of sources.

Among the financial institutions in which the Jewish are prominent are SAC Capital Advisors, Soros Fund Management, Goldman Sachs, Och-Ziff Capital Management, GLG Partners and Renaissance technologies.


Jews in media

  • Alleged Jewish control of the media has prevalent for many decades
  • 2002 poll showed that as many as 48 million people in the United States believe in Jewish control of the media

Jews in finance

  • The issues surrounding seeming Jewish domination of media are present in the financial world as well
  • "Trend" began in the 1830s, when German Jewish bankers began borrowing heavily from government and private establishments


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