AMC vs. Regal Theater

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Difference between AMC and Regal Theater

If you are looking for a quality movie viewing experience, you can hardly go wrong with AMC and Regal Movies. Both popular haunts for movie buffs all over the country, these two movie theater chains are responsible for selling their share of popcorn, that’s for sure! Let's see how the two compare.

Regal Theater


AMC Theatres, or AMC Entertainment, Inc., is the second largest chain of movie theaters in North America. AMC currently has more than 5,300 movie screens, and it is one of only four national cinema chains in the United States (one of them is the Regal Entertainment Group) that did not file for bankruptcy during the recession of 2001 to 2002. In fact, AMC theaters are often at the top of “Most Profitable Theatres” lists in North America. AMC is distinguished by its animated mascot, a filmstrip named Clip who was a constant presence in pre-show trailers in AMC theaters from 1991 until 2009, with only a brief hiatus in 2009.

Regal Movies or Regal Entertainment Group is a chain of movie theaters based in Knoxville, Tennessee. The company is the owner and operator of the largest and most geographically diverse theatre chains in the United States, and the company currently has almost 6,800 screens in 548 sites all over the country. The company also operates Edwards Theatres and United Artists Theatres in addition to Regal Cinemas.


AMC was founded by the Dubinsky Brothers in 1920. The brothers, along with actress Jeanne Eagels, had been traveling all over the Midwest performing shows that consisted of melodramas and tent shows. The brothers later purchased the Regent Theatre located on 12th Street in Kansas City. After a name change from Dubinsky to Durwood came a subsequent change of the company name to Durwood Theatres. One of the brothers’ sons named Stanley subsequently took over the Durwood Theatres in 1961, and changed the name to "American Multi-Cinema, Inc.".

Regal Movies was founded in 1989 in Knoxville, Tennessee, with Mike Campbell at the helm as company CEO. Campbell has since resigned from the board, and the company took on a massive expansion that resulted in numerous large cinemas opening in many suburbs.


Among the innovations that AMC introduced are stadium-style seats, in which seats are placed on subsequently higher risers, allowing each person an unobstructed view of the screen. AMC also introduced the armrests that can be raised to create a larger, "loveseat" style seat. Both features have since become standard for almost all theaters today.

Regal Movies for its part launched an all-digital giant screen on April 8, 2010. Known as the Regal Premium Experience or RPX, the screen provides viewers with an immense 60-foot screen illuminated with high-quality digital projectors and fitted with a state-of-the-art sound system, in addition to luxury seats.

Similarities and Differences


  • The second largest chain of movie theaters in North America
  • Has more than 5,300 movie screens

Regal Movies

  • The largest and most geographically diverse theatre chains in the United States
  • Currently has almost 6,800 screens

AMC and Regal Theater Video


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  • Guest
  • Gerald Rivera wrote on July 2014

I Peter to go to AMC than Regal cinema

  • Guest
  • Philip wrote on last month

Regals has nasty popcorn, terrible previews before the previews (if you get to the movies early you can't visit with your date, you have to watch blaringly loud advertisements, and are ****'s for staff and security following people around. AMC is chill, bigger theaters, and better maintained screens, never seen a wrinkled screen at AMC but by golly I have seen some at Regal.

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