Hrithik Roshan vs. Shah Rukh Khan

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Difference between Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan

Hrithik Roshan is a renowned actor in Indian Cinema today. He started his acting career as a child artist in the 1980s. Hrithik’s father, Rakesh Roshan. having been a famous actor himself, directed and produced many of his blockbuster films. Born on the 10th of January, 1974, the 37 year old Hrithik is a personality inspiring awe and glittering stardom all the way to the top of his game. His acting is praise worthy and his dancing riveting, undoubtedly drawing all viewers eyes to the screen from start to finish. Shah Rukh Khan, one of the Big Daddies of the entertainment world today, is one of the top ranking actors of Bollywood. His popularity is such that we still see a massive fan following wherever Bollywood films are seen.

Hrithik Roshan
Shah Rukh Khan


Hrithik began his career in the film ‘Aasha’ when he was only six year old child. This was then followed by a dance sequence in the same film where he was hired as an extra. After this, he continued playing minor roles in other movies like ‘Aap ke Deewane’ and ‘Bhagwan Dada’. Gradually, Hrithik went on to make big time hits one after the other. ‘Kaho naa..Pyaar Hai’ is the film where fans were first thrilled to see Hrithik playing the lead role as a deceased lover, singer and a rock-star, that too in a double role. This film received a total of 102 awards and was officially recorded in the Limca Book of Records.

King Khan, born on November 2nd, 1965, has starred in several television serials and films, and is an experienced director, producer, playback singer and stunts producer. He is also co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders cricket team of the Indian Premier League.

Personal Life

Hrithik Roshan, son of renowned actor Rakesh Roshan, is a resident of Mumbai. He tied the knot with Suzanne Khan with whom he has two sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan. It was revealed that during his childhood, Hrithik used to suffer from stammering, for which he faced a lot of problems. He recovered slowly through speech therapies.

Shah Rukh Khan was talented all throughout his life. He had received the ‘Sword of Honour’ for excelling in academics, sports and cultural programs while in school. He had completed his Economics (Honors) from Hansraj College and Mass Communication for Masters from Jamia Milia University.


Hrithik has won the hearts of many with his performances on screen. His performances are all breathtaking apart from the negligible few. Movies like ‘Fiza’, ‘Koi Mil...Gaya’, ‘Krissh’, ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ and many others won him praise as well as awards. On another note, a life-like image of Hrithik now stands at the Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in London.

King Khan is praiseworthy all the more. Since his TV serials, ‘Fauji’ and ‘Circus’, he has been giving super hits one after the other. He is high earning star as is now listed as one of the top 50 men in the world with a fortune of US$540 million.

Similarities and Differences

  • It is very difficult to draw a comparison between these two superstars yet in terms of age and experience, Shah Rukh Khan is given additional recognition and respect.
  • Shah Rukh Khan is a co-owner of the IPL team, Kolkata Knight Riders.
  • Hrithik is renowned as a riveting dancer on stage and screen.
  • Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan are both renowned in their filming sphere and they are never seen to be pulled down in controversies.

Which Bollywood actor is more legendary?
  • Hrithik Roshan
  • Shah Rukh Khan

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