Craig Ferguson vs. Jimmy Fallon

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Difference between Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon

Craig Ferguson was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1962. He became an American citizen in 2008 and retains dual citizenship with the United Kingdom. Ferguson dropped out of high school when he was 15 years old and joined a rock band as the drummer. It was during his time playing in bands that he decided to try comedy.

Jimmy Fallon was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1974. He was raised in a typical middle-class style of upbringing and attended Catholic parochial school. As a child, Fallon and his sister would act out skits from Saturday Night Live, but only the clean skits that his parents had taped. Fallon dropped out of college with only 15 credits to complete, but received a B.A. in Communications in 2009.

Craig Ferguson
Jimmy Fallon

Early Career

Craig Ferguson created a character called Bing Hitler and performed stand-up comedy around the UK in the 1980s. He had a very short run with a UK television comedy (the pilot only), and began a stint in musical theatre. A few more television appearance in the UK, and Ferguson was ready to head to the U.S.

Jimmy Fallon started out as a stand-up comedian in college and after graduation took his show on the road, touring America. During his tour, he took classes in improvisation in Los Angeles. He stayed to study and work as a comic where he was paid very little. When he got an audition for Saturday Night Live, he went back to New York.

Films and Television

Ferguson played a few small roles in U.S. television comedies before his big break came as Drew Carey's posh English boss, Mr. Wick. Ferguson played Mr. Wick on The Drew Carey Show for seven years. He has had guest appearances on practically every talk show and has hosted several awards programs. Ferguson has been in many films, notably Saving Grace, How To Train Your Dragon, and Kick-Ass.

Fallon landed the role on Saturday Night Live by doing his impressions and became a lead player in 1998. The next year he was advanced to actual cast member of the show. Fallon played on SNL until 2004 when he decided to make movies. Fallon has acted in films such as Taxi, Fever Pitch, and Whip It.

Late Night Talk Shows

Craig Ferguson took over hosting duties from Craig Kilborn on The Late Late Show on CBS. Created by David Letterman, the show began in 1995 with Tom Snyder as the host. It now airs immediately following Late Show with David Letterman. Unlike most other late night shows, The Late Late Show doesn't have a band or an announcer.

Jimmy Fallon took the reins from Conan O'Brien for Late Night, the nighttime talk show on NBC. Originally called Late Night with David Letterman, Fallon has retained the comedic elements that made the show great. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has been playing weeknights for approximately two years.

Similarities and Differences

  • Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon both started their comedy careers in stand-up. Through various incarnations as television and movie star, both have found their niche in late night talk shows. Ferguson has also written two books, one autobiographical, and the other, a rather satirical novel about religion. He has said he would like to write more novels in the future.
  • Fallon has released comedy albums and one of them, The Bathroom Wall was nominated for a Grammy.
  • Fallon has hosted awards shows as well as appears in charity performances. His song, Car Wash for Peace was completely for charity as he donated all profits. He has also written a book with his sister called I Hate This Place: The Pessimist's Guide to Life.

Which late night host is funnier?
  • Craig Ferguson
  • Jimmy Fallon

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