Hawaii vs. Caribbean

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Difference between Hawaii and Caribbean

Planning on going on a vacation? If you are, Hawaii and the Caribbean both beckon. The two are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world to be sure, although it must be said that Hawaii is the more favored destination for Americans, since being a state of the U.S., it is a lot cheaper for mainland based vacationers to go there. That being said, the Caribbean does have considerable charms of its own, as you will see from this comparison article.

Local Culture

While both Hawaii and the Caribbean definitely have their own distinctive local cultures, they do display quite a bit of foreign influence. Many places in the Caribbean have a strong European and African influence, while Hawaii shows more Asian influences.

That being said, the Caribbean has a decidedly more Third World feel than Hawaii, although its local culture, history and food are certainly worth experiencing.

Hawaii does have something that it has always taken pride in: the Aloha Spirit. This is something that the islands have long claimed, and many visitors have been privileged to experience the warmth and friendliness of the inhabitants firsthand. If only for this reason, most Americans who have gone to both places feel a lot more at home in Hawaii than in the Caribbean.


Food lovers will definitely have a lot to appreciate, whether they go to Hawaii or the Caribbean. The local cuisine in Hawaii is a wonderfully diverse melting pot of local and foreign influences, and you should find something to your taste no matter what your preferences are. The famous "poi", which is a concoction of taro root and other ingredients, is an acquired taste by most accounts, although there should be something for you in the local cuisine that combines American, Asian, and European influences. Caribbean cuisine isn't quite as diverse, although there is certainly a lot to enjoy even given the comparatively limited range.


In terms of terrain diversity, the Caribbean would have to take a back seat to Hawaii. It isn't easy to measure up against one of world’s renowned volcanic regions after all, and the almost constant upheavals that the region goes through–although alarming at times–results in a wonderfully varied terrain that is comprised of a wide variety of different landforms. If the idea of island rising up 14,000 feet above sea level is what turns you on, then Hawaii is the place for you. The trade winds that buffet the area also produce varying climactic changes and contrasts that make Hawaii so distinctive.

Similarities and Differences


  • Local culture shows more of an Asian influence
  • Takes pride in the famous “Aloha Spirit”
  • Local cuisine in Hawaii is a diverse melting pot of local and foreign influences
  • Rich and varied terrain


  • Has a strong European and African influence
  • Has a more Third World feel than Hawaii


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  • triston smith . 3+ yrs. ago

The Caribbean is the place to be.....a vacation is not somewhere you go to feel at home, but to have fun and do things that's impossible to do at home. If you want to feel at home, I suggest you stay home instead of going on a vacation.

  • just annonymous . 3+ yrs. ago

That is so TRUE! Who goes to Hawaii to feel at home? And the Caribbean is definitely the place to be, because there is solo much to do, to see, to eat...unlimited activities!I've been to Hawaii but there is not much to do compare to the Caribbean!

  • I am anonymous lol . 3+ yrs. ago

I agree

  • I am anonymous lol . 3+ yrs. ago

Hawaii is sadly under US military occupation.

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