Mexican Food vs. American Food

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Difference between Mexican Food and American Food

One would think that Mexican food and American food are so different that a comparison is not only unlikely but also totally futile. However, the fact is that as seemingly different as they are, Mexican food and American food do share a number of similarities that warrant a closer comparison and here we take a look at just what makes Mexican food and American food so distinctive.


One of the most influential factors with regard to the differences between Mexican food and American food is the longer period in which Mexico was under Spanish rule. In comparison, America’s southwest territories weren't subject to nearly as long an occupation, and as such, American food displays relatively fewer Spanish influences. In any case, much of the Spanish influence in American food can be seen in the areas bordering Mexico, which were predominantly under Spanish rule prior to becoming American states.

American food is actually the sum total of various other cultural influences as well, with the British influence being one of the most apparent. Early immigrants from northern Europe also played a large role in shaping American food into the form that we know it as to this day.

Although Spanish cuisine remains one of Mexican food’s most obvious influences, it has also been informed by traditional culinary methods and the abundant use of locally available ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.


Of course the ingredients used in both cuisines have a significant role to play as well, and both Mexican Food and American Food are largely the result of the use of ingredients commonly found locally. American food utilizes a wide and varied array of ingredients of course and Mexican food is usually prepared using avocado, chili peppers, corn, and other ingredients that are easily obtainable in the country.

Other Influencing Factors

As mentioned previously, Mexican Food is just as much a product of Spanish influence as it is of the influence of other cultures. For instance, Mexico is widely known for a dish called al pastor, which is actually Lebanese and Syrian in origin. Small wonder then that this decidedly Mexican creation is oddly reminiscent of the Middle Eastern shawarma.

As for American food, it has a much wider palette of influences to draw from and it is characterized by its constantly evolving nature. This has resulted in food that is often just as distinctive as it is enigmatic and this imparts a richness to American food that simply can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Similarities and Differences

Mexican Food

  • Is the result of many years as a Spanish colony
  • Has a profound Spanish influence
  • Many recipes are adapted from Spanish dishes
  • Utilizes ingredients widely available ingredients
  • Also draws from Lebanese and Syrian influences, among others

American Food

  • Is the result of a much shorter Spanish colonial occupation
  • Is the product of a more diverse population
  • The sum total of numerous influences and ingredients
  • Is constantly changing

Which type of food is tastier?
  • Mexican Food
  • American Food

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Also this article is biased because Mexican food is also changing. idiotic


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  • Crevel Europe wrote on February 2021

Nice to see the information and differences between both the foods. Historically explained.. I enjoyed reading the post.

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