vs. Getting To Know Your Genes?

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Difference between and

Many people feel the need to connect with ancestral empowerment and that it is their right to know who they are, from which lineage, and from which great stories their family struggled and emerged victorious. If there are no seasoned storytellers in one’s family, connection with one’s roots and stories about how we came to live in a particular place on the Earth can be frustrating and mysterious. Everyone seems to go through a time – short term or long term – in which identifying with a social group is terribly important. Genealogy has been a matter of great interest for people over the centuries. Learning about one’s ancestors and the story of their lives can give a person more insight into family history and a sense of belonging in the world.

As more and more people try to define themselves as individuals, ancestry provides some pieces of the identity puzzle. You may find some answers or clues to one’s history when browsing through the records of genealogically specialized websites. Their databases contain millions of records going back through the decades or longer.

Definition is a subscription based genealogy website owned by Inc which was founded in Utah in 1983. The company, formerly known as The Generations Network, operates a network of websites related to family ancestry and other family related services. is an ancestry research website owned by A& E Networks which was bought by, a website pertaining to the network, in 2003.

Services and products offers its subscribers a database of 5 billion online records tracing back as far as 1790. A great amount of information from the United States Federal Census records which were indexed and scanned. The data is generally about families in the United States, but new information is added to create genealogy databases for Canada, United Kingdom and European countries. allows users to family trees through a product called Family Tree Maker. The software enables people to research through records and to keep track of the progress made. A world archive project is in place designed to extend the coverage of services. Public records worldwide are scanned so they can be added to the current database and provide relevant results for people researching the website. lets the users browse freely through an extensive database of United States public records. The research is guided with the help of tutorials and community members. You can create a family tree and add information as you find new information.


The records available on and are collected from United States public registers. Local resource databases have been created for Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland, Germany, Italy, Sweden and China. More sites will be added in the future as the current projects of indexing and scanning progress. On there is a special category dedicated to this where people can view the status for each project.

Similarities and Differences

  • and are research websites allowing users to learn more about their family history.
  • Both and give people the possibility to create family trees and save the progress they've made.
  • and rely on United States public records. Local websites have been launched in Canada, UK and a few European countries. and Video


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