Coach vs. Louis Vuitton: Arm Charms Par Excellence!

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Difference between Coach and Louis Vuitton

Coach handbags are American made purses and bags that marketed as accessible luxury. With its trademark 'C' signature, Coach Handbags are a sign of American class. While Coach Leatherware has been around since the 1940s, its name is not quite as stylish as some of the European handbag designers.

Louis Vuitton handbags are from France and are known for their symbol of high-class sophistication. The 'LV' monogram that adorns the bags is a well-known sign of excellence, but the brand is imitated so much it is hard to tell who has a real one anymore.

Louis Vuitton

The Real Deal

Some people wonder why anyone would want to copy a Coach bag since they are relatively inexpensive when compared with other luxury brands, but it happens regularly. The easiest way to tell if a Coach bag is fake is to check the 'C'. If they line up perfectly with each other, it is probably authentic. While some of the mini-Cs might be off a wee bit on the sides, you should not be able to notice it. In addition, the Cs are printed on the bags in doubles, not in lines of single Cs.

So many replica Louis Vuitton bags are on the market it's hard to know the difference by just looking, but do your research before investing in a costly accessory. Designer bags are extremely popular, but do not be fleeced. First, Louis Vuitton uses top quality materials and the bags feel soft and are made with fine leather. If the bag is stiff, it is probably a fake. Also, Louis Vuitton does not offer discounts. If you got your bag at a wholesale shop or outlet, it is probably a fake.

Price Variance

The price of an ordinary used Louis Vuitton bag is about the same as a brand new Coach bag. For $500 USD, you can easily buy a top line Coach bag that was just produced or a "slightly used" Louis Vuitton for the same price. An authentic Louis Vuitton travel bag can easily go for $2450 used and a brand new small handbag can cost $1500!


Louis Vuitton is a symbol of excellence and is styled in a classic dark brown. Various types of leather are used and there are some bags made in a showier array of colors, but are not as popular as the traditional brown.

Coach handbags on the other hand are made in a variety of materials, colors and shapes. They are less expensive yes, but the quality is still there. The difference in price usually stems from the fact that most of the popular Coach bags are made of fabric while Vuitton bags are typically made of leather.

Similarities and Differences

  • The popularity of the bags mostly comes down to which movie star or celebutant carries which bag.
  • Coach is a bag that caters more to the younger crowd while Louis Vuitton is more appealing to older and/or more refined women.
  • Coach has not been around nearly as long as Louis Vuitton has, so there is definitely room for Coach to build their following.


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