Link TV vs. Free Speech TV

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Difference between Link TV and Free Speech TV

Many have not heard of LinkTV or Free Speech TV. A few people may have tuned into these a one time or other rather unwittingly. Link TV is a station all of its own. Free Speech TV is a show rather than a station. However, how much do people know about them? That's quite debatable. There are many who after reading this might not have known all that much about these two programs but they do a wealth of service to those looking for the bigger picture when it comes to finding well documented, well written and researched information which differs greatly from what is seen on the ‘mainstream’ news programs. They teach kids as well as adults about making a better world for people to live in.

The Beginning

Both of these stations were created in the 1990s. The Link TV station was created in 1999. They aren't as old as Free Speech, aka Speech TV. Speech TV was created in 1995. This was said to be the first nationwide channel that had a website as well which aims to give people the news and so much more. Speech TV uses both television and the internet as fully as possible to get the news out and they aim to help people to create a more just society. However, they aren't nationwide. They both have the same understanding of what they want people to learn when people watch their networks as there are a myriad of topics covered and an unending list of well placed, well educated guests.

The Mission

Just as any business would, both of them have their own mission statements. The main goal of Link TV is to help with giving the public a sense of learning to have compassion towards others. They teach their viewers to have empathy and show injustices in a matter of fact way. They do this with stories and other forms of news. However, the mission of Speech TV is to actually go about and teach people to not only have empathy, but to learn how to create a just and a civically engaged society. Both of the owners of these programs feel as though they can make a difference in the sense that people have to be shown what changing the world can look like and what people can do to empower themselves and wake from the slumber that most of us have been lulled into.

Funding of the Two

How these two television networks get their funding is a bit different while at the same time they are the same. Link TV is completely funded and keeps in business solely by the money they get from their viewers who feel so compelled to donate. The same is true of Speech TV, however, that money goes to the company who owns the network which is known as Public Communicators Inc. who funds them. They also depend on the money received from the viewers.

Similarities and Differences

As one can see the idea presented by each of these programs is very interesting and many tune in to learn from the presenters and guests daily.

  • Link TV is the first of its kind.
  • Speech TV has more help from a not for profit organization.
  • Link TV has a youth network as well.
  • Speech TV can get tax exemptions for being a 501 c organization.
  • Both of these cater to a wide variety of people, but the message they wish to send is still clear.
  • Both programs work to keep the public informed on the injustices carried out against citizens of the US as well as people victimized all over the world. Most of their stories receive zero air time on ‘mainstream’ networked news programs.
  • Both programs encourage viewers to become involved in being a part of the solution to many social problems.


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