Red Wine vs. White Wine: Fruity or Dry?

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Difference between Red Wine and White Wine

Wine has been around since 6000 b.c. It can be made from many types of fruits and often includes exotic ingredients which enhance the aroma and make wine flavorful. It is a beverage that is perfect for all types of occasions - let it be a dinner, a sporting event, a party, a wedding or just a casual gathering. Wine plays vital roles in spicing up the night with a little ambiance or elegance to it. Most types of wine are categorized as  either red or white. The following article goes follows the logic behind choosing which type of wine that you would want for your perfect occasion. 

Red Wine
White Wine

The Difference

As wine is made of grapes, the main difference between white and red wine is that red wine has the skin of the grapes is fermented along with the fruit core and therefore, a very intense color is captured. Even red grapes can be bottled as a white wine as long as the skin has not been in contact with the fermenting fruity core. This is also a reason why red wine contains more antioxidants. The skin of green or white grapes is removed during the process of fermentation and therefore the white color is obtained. The aspect of white wine that is the most interesting is that even if the grape is fresh or creamy at any early stage, the final taste depends on the age and fermentation processes used in making the wine. 

Wines and Cancer

Where people say that either red or white wine is a cure for breast cancer is nothing but a mere rumor. There is no connection between red or white wine when it comes to breast cancer. If a woman drinks wine in the name of relieving breast cancer, it is actually just an act in moderation. Also, any woman would do best to drink moderately or just have one glass of wine per day and nothing more because even though it will not reduce the risk of breast cancer, it is generally not good for good health to take in a large amount of fermented beverages. 

Who Drinks Wine

Wine in consumed in huge quantities around the world each year. The heaviest consumption is awarded to European and a few South American countries followed by Australia, the U.S. and Canada and finally Russia.  Red, white and sparkling wines are considered to be light wines because they are only 10-14% alcohol by content whereas after dinner wines contain 14-20% alcohol.

Similarities and Differences

  • White and red wine stay on the same level when it comes to their comparison because both types of wine are basically the same except for the fact that a more exotic taste is generally added to the red varieties.
  • Wines have a long and rich history but are now considered by many to be an elegant accompaniment; a beverages that add a little sophistication to your occasion or your evening with friends.
  • Red wine is recommended to be taken with pasta, beef, cheese and chocolate. White wine is recommended to be paired with pasta, chicken, cheese and seafood.


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