Italy vs. Sicily: Italian Escapes

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Difference between Italy and Sicily

Italy or Sicily are both fantastic places to visit, but if it came down to it, which one would be the best destination to visit? They both have nice attractions with their landscapes, tourism, buildings and towns that make them both a worthwhile. If you are going to consider visiting, you would need a careful list of places and plan of action before embarking on your journey. Both of the cities can provide a romantic getaway with your spouse or partner and it will no doubt become a favorite amongst your memories.


Visiting Cities in Italy

If you travel to Italy, you will find many beautiful and remarkable cities with incredible restaurants. In the cities, you will have the benefit of the many shopping facilities and nightlife experiences. Each city is unique, when in Rome be sure to visit prehistoric monuments and medieval churches spread out all over the country, also be sure to include Vatican city. You can make a wish while you toss a penny into one of the extraordinary fountains. Go for a ride on a boat and travel throughout Venice - the city built on water. This is the most romantic getaway that would be memorable for you and your family.

Visiting Cities in Sicily

In Sicily, there are many beautiful mountains and landscapes and they make for a perfect hike. Syracuse is laid out with Greek ruins and it is pretty old. There is an archaeological park you can explore and have lunch in one of the piazzas. Catania is the 2nd largest city of Sicily and it would be ideal for nightlife and swimming. Messina has the best restaurants and cooking styles that is quite affordable. Many people have said that Mazara is okay for a day or two. It is best to just look at some sights and move on to the next city but don't leave without trying the food at one of their many restaurants.

The Better Place to Visit

Which city wins as the best getaway for a romantic holiday? The truth is, it is a matter of preference. Both cities have extreme grandeur and offer promising memories of a great experience. They are both classy cities that house classy people. Italy wins the battle of having the best cities that bustle with energy and beautiful sights within. What makes Italy so special is Rome, Venice and Lake Cuomo. Who would not want to see a city that is built on water? Of course Sicily is beautiful as well but for tourism, it is more geared for solace and hiking. Sicily wins the battle of having a serenity of mind as one browses through the landscape on the horizon and Mediterranean waters.

Similarities and Differences

  • Italy is most recognized for Venice and Rome by popular opinion
  • Vatican City is in the heart of Italy
  • Boats are the main method of transportation in Venice
  • Sicily is historic and has several medieval locations
  • Sicily has beautiful mountains and landscape
  • Sicily is great place to find solace

Which region should one see first?
  • Italy
  • Sicily

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  • Anthony wrote on March 2013

See all of it. By the way, Sicilians have a strong sense of identity (like the rest of the regions) and will almost see themselves as another country!

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