Shoprite vs. Stop and Shop

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Difference between Shoprite and Stop and Shop

Food shopping is no trivial matter, especially in this day and age when saving money is an increasingly important concern. While both Shoprite and Stop & Shop do offer tremendous value for the money, a closer look at each will help you determine which one is the better option for you given your specific needs and circumstances.

Stop and Shop


Stop & Shop generally offers comparable prices to ShopRite, although some of their items may edge higher price-wise on occasion. To its credit, Stop & Shop does offer great deals on the same category of merchandise, such as sales on bakery ingredients for instance.

ShopRite for its part usually hosts huge sales on items like baby products, and they also regularly mail you coupons that can get you great savings. ShopRite also seemingly has very reasonable prices all the time, and they also provide more savings in the form of the ShopRite Plus card. In general, both stores offer pretty good deals on decent merchandise. 

Store Layout And Cleanliness

One of the main advantages of Stop & Shop over ShopRite is the store size and layout. While many ShopRite stores are quite cramped and disorganized with items seemingly stocked willy-nilly, Stop & Shop provides plenty of room in its generously sized and well-organized aisles. Most of the Stop & Shop stores that we visited were also quite clean. 

As for Stop & Shop, the size of the stores was the least of our worries. While we did wish that they had allotted more space to move around, what was more annoying was the difficulty in finding certain items, given the disorganized layout of the stores. Making things worse we found that some items were mislabeled or not labeled at all. Finally, the few ShopRite stores that we could muster up enough energy to go through were a bit rundown.

Customer Service

It is hardly surprising that Stop & Shop offers stellar customer service given its excellence in many other aspects…and it does! Most of the Stop & Shop stores we visited were manned with helpful and courteous customer service staff, and many were quite knowledgeable of various items. This is in stark contrast to the customer service staff at ShopRite, whom we often felt wasn't quite so eager or able to offer assistance. Many of the staff seemed clueless about the products they were selling, and one couldn't help but get the feeling of being regarded as some sort of bother or intrusion.

Similarities and Differences


  • Stores aren't very well laid out/organized
  • Hard to find specific items
  • Products aren't always labeled with the correct price or at all
  • Some stores tend to be dirty
  • Customer service could be improved
  • Sends coupons by mail

Stop & Shop

  • Prices may be a bit higher than ShopRite’s
  • Offers sales and discounts frequently
  • Generously sized stores
  • Stores are usually very clean
  • Customer service staff is friendly and helpful 


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  • MAT . 3+ yrs. ago

obliviously you favor STOP & SHOP...

  • chaos . 3+ yrs. ago

Obviously you are a 3 year old typing in all caps. And btw if that's really how you spell your name, whomever told you that's how to spell your name is illiterate.

  • george . 3+ yrs. ago

obliviously you favor STOP & SHOP...

  • Hester Lee . 3+ yrs. ago

Shoprite is #1 trust me they always have a sale going . What I dislike is it can be too crowded .

  • CAROL HOOUSENDOVE . 3+ yrs. ago

I always shopped at Shot Rite .A friend told me to try Stop & Shop, shop, she said it was better than, Shop Rite. I will try this week.

  • Dank . 3+ yrs. ago

Do both stores honor each other coupons?

  • Laura . November 2021


  • Jolie . 3+ yrs. ago

Stop and Shop also has a savings card that will get you excellent prices on select items each week. They also send you coupons based on what you tend to regularly buy if you're a cardholder. In my case, the Shoprite nearest me is quite a bit farther away and also in a location that makes it difficult to get into and out of, so I've not done a serious shopping trip there.

  • Jeff Barkaszi . 3+ yrs. ago

It’s a shame my shop rite has adopted stop n shop ways. I see the fliers look a like, and at shop rite here I want for water with a coupon and I didn’t notice that I had to spend 25.00, additional to get a dollar off. Really? That is what stop n shop does. How sad shop rite now has to follow stop n shop. Or maybe they hired someone who came from stop n shop. And were sucked into this crazy way of thinking.

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