Wedding Ring vs. Engagement Ring: Rings of Trust

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Difference between Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

Love is a beautiful thing and expressing love for a special someone can be done in many ways. However, nothing has more significance than an expensive and symbolic ring. An expensive and symbolic ring can melt any woman, especially if it’s made of platinum or diamonds. The more expensive the ring, the more one can sweep a woman off her feet. Thus it has now become tradition for men to offer their girlfriends an engagement ring and offer wedding rings during their wedding day. However, there is sometimes confusion about the details attributed each type of ring, so let’s take a closer look.

Wedding Ring
Engagement Ring


Engagement rings have their origins, arguably in the Egyptian times. The engagement rings shows that the woman is engaged to be married meaning that the woman is committed to someone and is in the planning stages of getting married to that person. In some cultures, men wear a wedding ring. On the other hand, a wedding ring is worn by the bride on her wedding day and she will be committed to wear it for the rest of her married life.  A wedding ring usually indicates that a woman is married, is off limits to other men and has found a life partner that she trusts with her heart and trusts to work out every problem which will confront them throughout their life together. Therefore, both types of rings show that a person's commitment and love for their mate.

Materials and Styles

Both wedding rings and engagement rings are traditionally been made using, silver, gold, white-gold, platinum alloys, as well as precious stones, such as diamonds, and emeralds. In wedding rings the most popular style tends to be plain gold band, this type of ring is also quite popular amongst people working in health care industry, as it is easy to keep clean. However, custom designed wedding rings are also popular. Other popular styles include interwoven designs. The same can be said about engagement rings, because they tend to come in similar styles and patterns. However, engagement rings tend to be simpler looking than wedding rings.

Ring Ceremony

In western cultures, an engagement ring is offered by the man to the woman he loves, and the man traditionally proposes her for marriage, if the woman accepts his proposal, she gets to wear the ring.  While, in some conservative cultures, especially in cultures where arrange marriage is common, a man will slide the ring on his fiancée’s finger and vice versa, during a wedding party, in front of many guests. A wedding ring is worn during the wedding ceremony, while the couple takes their wedding oath. This can be true for most other cultures around the world.

Similarities and Differences

  • A wedding ring and an engagement ring is a symbol of love.
  • A engagement rings signifies commitment to marry, while a wedding ring signifies being married.
  • Wedding rings and engagement rings are usually made using precious alloys, such as platinum, gold, and silver.
  • A wedding ring is usually presented during the wedding ceremony by the groom to the bride, while a engagement ring is offered by a man to a woman he loves and wants to marry. However, in some cultures both men and women put rings on each other hands.

Which ring usually costs more?
  • Wedding Ring
  • Engagement Ring

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