Mosquito Bite vs. Bed Bug Bite vs. Spider Bite

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Difference between Mosquito Bite, Bed Bug Bite and Spider Bite

Insect bites are either a defense reaction to human contact or a method the insect uses to feed upon human blood. The visible effect of a bite is a red stain around the actual bite and the swallowing of the respective surface. The bite is usually followed by an itch which may last from a few hours to a few days. Some of the most common bites are from mosquitoes, bed bugs, spiders, fleas and ticks.

There are means to prevent such encounters with insects and DEET and citronella products can keep away most unwanted insects. Insect repellents can be easily found in department stores, drug stores and other specialized stores.


A mosquito chooses its next victim through a highly sensitive odor-orientated mechanism. 27 of its 72 odor receptors on the insect’s antennae are meant to detect the level of perspiration of an individual.

Bed bugs usually bite just before dawn. They inject into the skin of a victim an anticoagulant and then feed on human blood. Bed bugs can be found on old mattresses as well as in crevices in the walls and other hiding places near the bed.

A spider can bite as a defense response to human intervention. A question of great importance for the species is their venomous nature. Twenty families comprising two hundred species have venom glands.

Effect of the bite

A mosquito bite causes the immune system to respond through binding antibodies to antigens from the saliva injected. This can cause a visible reaction on the skin immediately after the bite or a few hours later in some case. The surface bitten may be itchy for a day or more.

A bed bug bite can cause no visible effect or may trigger skin rashes or prominent blisters on the surface. The skin becomes more sensitive upon multiple bites. The effect may last a few days.

Non venomous spiders can bite and inflict a short sensation of pain as well as red stains on that spot. Venomous spiders can cause severe nervous damages to the humans they bite.


To prevent mosquito bites there are several spray or gel based products to be applied on the skin. These affect the way mosquito perceive smell and drive them away.

Bed bugs bites can be prevented by replacing old mattresses and contracting pest control companies to perform specific extermination services.

Spider bites can be avoided if you contract exterminators to remove the insects from your household. For outdoor spaces, it is best to be aware of the areas where venomous spiders live.

Similarities and Differences

  • Mosquitoes have a sensitive odor tracking system. Bed bugs feed on human blood before dawn. Most spider bites are a result of defense mechanisms.
  • Mosquitoes bites, bed bug bites and spider bites cause red stains, swallowing and itch on the skin. Spider venom can seriously affect the nervous system.
  • Pest control solutions and insect repellents can prevent the bites.

Which bite annoys you the most?
  • Mosquito Bite
  • Bed Bug Bite
  • Spider Bite

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