Science vs. Technology

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Difference between Science and Technology

Throughout the course of history, humanity has evolved due partly to their drive to achieve excellence in their work. In the past, men used to live in caves along with wild animals, but now, we can see skyscrapers all over the city and automobiles on the road. All of these things are possible because of the people who are constantly innovating in order to provide what we need. We also owe this advancement in our way of living to the disciplines of science and technology. At first, people could conceive these two branches of study as one. But we can only conclude if this is true by scrutinizing the facts below.


The term science is derived from the word (Latin) scientia which means “knowledge”. Science is a process which involves the systematic gathering of information about everything and anything in the world. This information is then turned into theories and testable facts. Science has a standard called the scientific method which involves experimenting, mathematics, measurements, and careful observation of facts. In order for a research to qualify as a science, the knowledge must withstand numerous tests from different experts. Technology on the other hand came from the Greek word technologia wherein techne means “craft” and logia which means “study”. Technology is developed by using science and other techniques like craftsmanship and tools which make up a product.     

Persons Involved

Scientists use scientific methods to create new discoveries and inventions. This method is called scientific research, which is carried out by experts in the field called scientists. Since science covers an extensive set of branches, scientists differ widely in specialty. There can be scientists who specialize in the study of stars (astronomers) and there can be mathematicians, naturalists and physicists. Technology, on the other hand, is mostly applied by scientists as well as engineers. It has to be noted that both scientists and engineers can be builders or inventors, depending on their expertise of study.


Science is often connected with technology. But the truth is, technology is not an exclusive product of science. Science is just a study or a reasoned investigation of an event which is driven to discover principles that will endure frequent testing and become a hard fact through the use of certain scientific methods. Technology on the other hand has to pass certain standards for it to become satisfactory like safety, usability and utility. More likely, it is safe to conclude that technology is the product of engineering and science. Science is the one which gives the engineers knowledge about something which they turn into ideas or inventions which are workable and usable for humans.

Similarities and Differences

  • Science employs the scientific method to gather information and turn that information as a fact.
  • Technology requires science and engineering to make certain things which are essential for living.
  • Science involves scientists in its study while technology involves both engineers and scientists to create an invention or to improve an existing invention.

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