Prophecy vs. Prediction vs. Projection

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Difference between Prophecy, Prediction and Projection

People have always wondered about what the future holds and have tried to develop various ways to anticipate events to come. Some rely on religious inspiration, some on astrology, numerology, cards, coffee or crystal bowls and some on science.  But as many have found out by now, these are only estimates which can prove or not prove to be true. Still, it attracts people all over the world due to its mystery component and great range of possible outcomes. The future can be anticipated only for short intervals in mathematical scenarios where a forecast can be obtained by studying the trend line for the data at hand.



A prophecy refers to an unchangeable course of events which lead to its accomplishment. It is usually mentioned in religious documents. A prediction is an assessment on things which can happen in the future. It might have a scientific base, be the result of extra-sensory abilities or of purely vivid imagination. For example, predictions about the weather can be formulated after thorough observation of clouds movement, changes in the atmosphere and historic values for temperature recorded over the years. A prediction on a person’s future is much harder to perform and can prove to be inaccurate. A projection is a way to produce a forecast which can cover various scenarios with different possibilities of actually occurring.


A prophecy is usually transmitted by a deity or being in the spirit world or unseen world to the prophet through a revelation to be spread among people who are warned in this way about future events. A prediction is generally obtained through extensive calculations in case of forecasts or through unconventional objects or psychic powers if related to a person’s future. A projection can be obtained through mathematical calculations which conclude to a general truth applicable to an extended range of values.

General Perception

People of ancient times used to accept a prophecy as an unchangeable course of events. They generally believed that they must comply with the prophecy’s message without second guessing as it was coming from a deity. This was considered the best way to act as to not upset the deity which held an important place in their religious life. Predictions about future events are believable if they rely on scientific facts. If they are not there is a high chance of getting scammed by so called psychics. On the other hand, even psychics who have worked hard on developing their abilities can be fooled by unreliable, seductive or ill intentioned sources. Caution is paramount!

Projections are mainly used in mathematics and can lead to accurate forecasts if calculations are performed correctly and all parameters are taken into account. Intuition is closely related to these terms and is something each person has access to naturally.

Similarities and Differences

  • A prophecy is of religious nature; a prediction is a way to assess how things can happen; a projection explores the possible outcomes of different scenarios.
  • A prophecy can be transmitted by a deity; a prediction presumes scientific data processing or extra-sensory skills, while projection relies on mathematics to clarify unknown data through extrapolation.
  • A prophecy is viewed as an imperative; prediction is reliable only if based on scientific data; projection can lead to valid short time future anticipation when performed correctly.
  • Most people have gut feelings about events, people or the future. This is a natural phenomenon and should be given more attention in order to develop one’s psychic abilities.
  • All prophecies, predictions and projection are subject to a myriad of events happening in individual lives as well as events affecting the human race and beyond. Many people tend to discount them because of the changeable nature of our linear future.
  • All possible events in the future are affected by the thoughts and choices we make today as individuals and perhaps more importantly as group consciousnesses. 

Which one are you most apt to read first?
  • Prophecy
  • Prediction
  • Projection

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