Love: 100 Years Ago vs. Now

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Difference between Love 100 Years Ago and Now

The world would not be complete without love. Love is all around us, wherever we go and whatever we do; love is always connected or related to something. In a relationship, there is love to share which eventually leads to marriage. In a certain family or with parents and relatives, there is also love – wherein you will be there to support each other whatever happens. With your children, love also exists – the mother’s love being the most popular and highest form of love wherein the love of a mother for her child is greater than anything in this world and is unconditional. At work, there can also be love – this is called the labor of love. There are many ways in which people can express love for anything and everything. Love has existed since the beginning of time; this is also the reason why God made us in the first place. But what is the difference between love a hundred years back to the present kind of love? Read below to find out, and decide which is better.

Love 100 Years Ago


Love is said to be an unselfish act for someone, without the notion of asking something in return. The Bible puts it this way: “Love is never selfish, and it never boasts”. There are many more qualities of love than mentioned here and all of them are purely good acts. Whenever there is selfishness involved or an act wherein someone expects something in return, then it cannot be called an act of love. This definition has been the same from the beginning of time up to the present.

Scientific Meaning

Love in scientific terms is stated to be a type of mammalian drive which is also like the sensation of thirst and hunger. According to scientific studies, there are three stages of love which partly overlaps each other. These are the lust, attraction stage and the attachment stage. In the first stage which is lust, bodily chemicals such as estrogen and testosterone are released and could last even up to a month or more. As a result of lust, attraction follows wherein the person feels that he needs to mate with someone in particular. The chemicals involved in the attraction stage are serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and pheromones. These chemicals stimulate the pleasure center of the brain which leads to certain side effects like an extreme sensation of excitement, sleeplessness, appetite loss and incremental heart rates. Scientific studies have concluded that this stage could last up to a couple of years. Finally, the attachment stage sets in, which is the drive for a person to commit to a relationship for the long term.


Love a hundred years ago is said to be very conservative and was rarely spoken to someone openly. At present, because of the changing culture, the word “love” is used freely and sometimes conveniently.

Similarities and Differences

  • Love is an act of selflessness.
  • Love has three stages according to science and all of them still apply to the present type of love.
  • Love is overused as a word in the modern world. There are so many types of love that one has to rely on their inner voice and deepest feelings to discern truth from something more mundane.


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