Chennai vs. Bangalore: Indian IT Hubs

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Difference between Chennai and Bangalore

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, an Indian state. It is a metropolitan city and holds fifth position in the list of most populous cities in India. It is situated on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. It was formerly called Madras, derived from the name of a village called Madraspattinam which was near Fort St. George. Bangalore, also called Bangaluru, is the capital of Karnataka. It is the third most populous city in India. It is on the list of global cities and has a rank of Beta World City. The word Bangalore is derived from bengaval-uru meaning the City of Guards in the old Kannada language.



Chennai is famous for Hindu temples and classical dance shows. In 1927, the Madras Music Academy was established and its anniversary is celebrated in the form of a five week music season annually. Bharatnatyam is the most famous classical dance and originated in Tamil Nadu. Some of the best choirs in India are also found in Chennai. Chennai is the center of a South Indian movie industry commonly called Kollywood. Rajnikanth and Mani Ratnam are some of the most famous personalities from Kollywood. The most important festival celebrated in Chennai is called Pongal. The Garden City of India – Bangalore, is famous for its parks which include the LalBagh and Cubbon Park. The Kannada Movie Industry flourished in Bangalore. Ganesha Chaturthi, Ramanavmi, Eid ul-Fitr, Sankranthi and Christmas are the major festivals celebrated here. Bangalore is also called the Pub Capital of India.


Hardware manufacturing, health care industries, computers and cars are the major industries in Chennai. It is the second largest exporter of software and IT-based services in India. 39 % of the state’s GDP comes from the Chennai zone. Sixty percent of country’s automotive exports are carried out from Chennai.

Bangalore is India’s leading IT exporter and is called the Silicon Valley of India. It is no doubt the fastest growing metro city in India. A large number of industries dealing in software, aerospace, telecommunication and defense are located in Bangalore. Besides, a few famous research institutions and colleges for higher education such as Indian Institute of Science and St. John’s Medical College are located in this city.


Cricket is the most popular sport in Bangalore and Chennai. M.A. Chidambaram stadium and IIT Madras campus ground are the venues for first class international cricket matches in Chennai. The MRF Pace Foundation – a fast bowling academy is based in Chennai. Chennai gave birth to some legendary cricketers who represented India internationally with S. Venkataraghavana and Kris Srikkanth being two of them. A team from Chennai named Chennai Super Kings plays in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The Chinnaswamy stadium of Bangalore hosted matches during the 1987 and 1996 Cricket world cups and is the home of the NCA – National Cricket Academy. Bangalore Royal Challengers represent the city in IPL.

Similarities and Differences


  • Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu.
  • Chennai is famous for Hindu temples and classical dance shows.
  • It is the second largest exporter of software and IT based services in India.
  • The MRF Pace Foundation – a fast bowling academy is based in Chennai.


  • Bangalore, also called Bangaluru, is the capital of Karnataka.
  • Bangalore is famous for its parks and is called the Garden City of India.
  • It is country’s leading IT exporter and is called the Silicon Valley of India.
  • It is home of NCA – National Cricket Academy.

Which Indian IT hub claims the most IT professionals?
  • Chennai
  • Bangalore

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  • Senthil Kumar wrote on October 2010

Chennai is the heart of south India. Chennai is the base for several healthcare, auto, computer, technology and hardware industries. Tamil movie industry is one of biggest in the world.

Chennai is the major center for music, art and culture in India. The city is the hub for Carnatic music, Bharatanatyam and other classical dance shows and Hindu temples.

Chennai is the most happening place in India. You can't compare Chennai with Bangalore, there is no comparison.

can u contact me, if u lived in aus cheers

its funny to say no comparision between chenni and bangalore,chenni has not yet developed to the height where bangalore stands now..bangalore is worlds second fastest growing city after vatican...and obviously indias first...bangalore has gained a good name for india as major IT capital and it holds 88 engineering colleges anb named beta city of world and also US based firm has named it top ten must visit city in the world.............funny man where is bangalore and where is dirty city chenni........

ya you are right ... we cant even compare bengaluru with the dirty chennai........

  • Guest
  • raul tim wrote on December 2011

**** you **** bugger who told you that bang********looru is world city i''ll kill you ****

  • Guest
  • jay wrote on March 2014

Huh , Killer LTTE mentality in your genes,even if you bath in the seven seas ,it will remain in your genes forever.

  • Guest
  • vignesh wrote on December 2011

Hey Chennai is t oldest metropolitan in India.Bangalore just got developed.So u can find good infrastructure with neatness.But chennai is t home of rich and the poorest from long years back.Chennai is not so much lagging behind.Now only u have first train service,but chennai do hv from 1950,s itself.See other parts of karnataka,gulbarga dist is t home of 3000 malnutrition death within 3 months,Tamil nadu ranks at t top in healthcare,literacy overall employment.

  • Guest
  • Kesavan wrote on March 2012

You shut up... DI you do not know anything about chennai just keep quit kid... You chennai is the Beta plus world city.. Have you visited the chennai.. How long you stayed there..

  • Guest
  • Ravi Raghavan wrote on June 2013

You are right. When some one loses, it is known they cannot compete so try to compare and bring out un-related points. Madras was boasting of bus system, but, now Bangalore has more buses and a better network of buses. IT, or jobs, there is no comparison. Schools / Colleges do I have to say ? In India, there are only three prominent Bombay, New Delhi and Bangalore. Calcutta and Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad have over taken Chennai. Chennai is 8th in reckoning.

  • Guest
  • sree charan wrote on June 2013

banglore has only it capital but chennai has 2 largest beach in world and 60% of automobiles come from chennai, india's 2nd largest it hub , nation's top colleges like anna university, iit madras,1st largest it park in asia,1st largest bus station in india ,it has many temples/mosques /churches,best politics than banglore

**** dont ever call our city dirty ok its Mumbai of south India where people from all categories can live in and yur banglore sucks wn in comes to infrastructure yu people take 3 and half hours to reach yur airport and dont forget coz of Chennai port only yur city gets raw materials for manufacturing sector dont think yurself so big ok compared to California banglore sucks

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  • gen7 wrote on April 2014

pls refer this article mr.ravi 52 cities to go around the world by new york times in tat chennai is the only city in south asia and bangalore s not the fastest growing city

Please dont compare with BANGALORE,There is a **** & heven difference,bangalore is a top class city in the body wahches tamil movies apart from tamil nadu yar.........your tamil directors come to bollywood to earn money & world famous....

wat a silly comparism.. without karnataka rest of india nobody knows kannada films r their bangalore most of the tamil fims runs for 100 days.. even single kannada movie never ever released in chennai.. ha ha ha..

  • Guest
  • gen7 wrote on April 2014

does any of ur kannada actors has seen their faves in the mirror?

  • Guest
  • khalandar wrote on February 2011

hey ya u told correct dont compare our beautiful BANGALORE with ur dirty chennai.... NAMMA bangalore rocks..... and it is famous city in the world... I dont why this tamilians always rude with karnataka.... they always joulos

hey luru dnt compare chennai with bangalore,Basically I am kannadika,but I hate that religion,me too from luru, but always chennai is better than luru.even ur people are selfish,beyond the river cauvery,always total tamilnadu is better than karnataka,

  • Guest
  • Anna Bond wrote on February 2012

Hi Great Kannadika, From the spelling of dat word only showing ur a Tamilian not a Kannadiga...

what the ****u know abt karnataka & Banglore.Being a kannadiga & bangloorian commenting on Banglore.U will not come forward in ur life.Have some fidility like dogs.

  • Guest
  • Shravan wrote on February 2012

Nin thunne... yava lovde north indian neenu..

  • Guest
  • Ravi Raghavan wrote on June 2013

You are right. They will compare and yet they know Bangalore is way ahead of Chennai.


  • Guest
  • Shashank wrote on December 2011

yes. we cannot compare bangalore wid Chennai cuz bangalore is way better than chennai. Especially d ppl over here dont hate each other unlike chennaites who hate non tamil ppl

i am living in chennai for 5 years.this place as dirty as ****....people are so rude and unfriendly...they just know one **** language and are so unwelcoming......the whoe city stinks like public toilet...bangalore is the garden city of of the cleanest cities in india ....and definetly one of the best cities to live in,,,,,u f**king tamilians are ruining it and trying to bring the standards of a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore.I have been in bangalore only for oe year and i miss that place...lonely planet has ranked bangalore 3rd best place to visit


dai badu.. vathu pooloa sappu da

  • Guest
  • yesindia1982 wrote on August 2013

poda kuthi..mavane.. u suck ur balls..poda mayuru.. loosu.. why do they auto drivers in chennai sucking money from the public using bad language??..even for short distance..rs50... they in ur chennai only.. why ur govt not monitoring them..u damn cheaters.... its **** chennai.. come to my home town.. god must delete this chennai from the world.

  • Guest
  • gen7 wrote on April 2014

**** rules have changed such my horn

  • Guest
  • Mohan wrote on March 2012

So Akash then why don't you leave the chennai city. It is the attitude you had for a city where you grown for 5 years. Bad mindset.

  • Guest
  • gen7 wrote on April 2014

u **** **** wat u know abt chennai in bangalore there s a big political party making violence in the city and not even sharing the cauvery river. chennai has taken place in 52 cities to go around in the south asia by new york times. bangalore has just now developed but we have developed a many years ago and u **** kannadiga suck my ****

  • Guest
  • yesindia1982 wrote on August 2013

poda mayuru.. loosu.. why do they auto drivers in chennai sucking money from the public using bad language??..even for short distance..rs50... they in ur chennai only.. why ur govt not monitoring them..u damn cheaters.... its **** chennai.. come to my home town.. god must delete this chennai from the world.

hi ravi/khalander/chandan: u peoples dont know i think....chennai becomes metro when v dnt born....And bangalore becomes recent days...chennai is awarded secure city for women in india apart from security what v need whisky,brandy or beer...for this **** things we can say as bangalore city as heaven....most of the IT companies was shifting to chennai if doubt jus go n check in IT companies status list... boys just understand chennai is the fourth biggest city n asia's 2nd highest payer acter rajinikanth working in chennai(basically from karnataka.....we are indias backbone for automobiles...if chennai lose IT industry having another option to grow but bangalore lose his IT's all of them has to ?????? just please guys think to your maturity...

Hey if u says chennai is good,then chennai is not good baby.U hav to grow up.I think the no of drunkers are very much high than any other city of india.All the people drink desi daru.U imagine the class of people here.The number of rowdy,sorry all the rowdy are living in chennai..Who told you that chennai is 4th biggest city in india..Just study and come madrasi..Bangaluru is the best city with best people.It is the cleaniest city.Bangalore is called as silicon valley,it hub of india,hitech city,electronics city,garden city..Is there any such name of chennai in india!!!Chennai is dartiest city in india.People of north india scare to come here.Chennai is metro city and people of here even dont know national language hindi.The devlopment of bangalore is very much high than chennai.The airport of bangalore is best in india now and chennai u know better than me rowdy..There is no comparision of bangalore with chennai.If u compare any city with bangalore then compare it with hyderabad.It is also a very good city with high devlopment.

  • Guest
  • sathish shanmugam wrote on February 2011

Hi Arun, Please compare the cities based on facilities. Since both the cities are developed , thats the reason we want to compare which is best.

We must proud that indian cities are getting developed.

1.No. of drunkers more (Please visit sonipet, kanpur, and other places in india).Since chennai is cheapest city in india, people below middle class are more who consumes more alcohol.But women drunkers are less in chennai.

2.Bangalore is most liked city since they welcome with your language, but chennai retains their language, and it is not wrong in adopting the culture of the home which you visit.

4.Bangalore has international airport but it is located outside bangalore for which Rs1000 to be paid to reach one way

5.Chennai doesnt have cool climate like bangalore, but not bad for health and government can change the climate.

6.Chennai is medical capital of India, schools for all level of people to give best education, less transport fare, low cost of living from vegetables to petrol, government monitors the movie tickets of inox and multiplex maximum Rs150, but in bangalore, its Rs.350.

7.Bangalore welcomes outside but loosing their own identity, so outsider can manage easily, but money is needed everywhere.

8.Bangalore provides best IT jobs, cool climate, best shopping malls,pubs.

9.Chennai has many engineering colleges and outsider can communicate only in english, since there is no usage of hindi inside chennai.But Autodrivers are the rudest people(If the autodrivers are rudest in hindi speaking region, then think about this non-hindi speaking region)

10.Last but not least, public people question the government if anything goes wrong.But bangalore it never happens,since 70% of them are outsiders.Chennai has a place called sowcarpet which is called chota mumbai in wikipedia, like this many places in chennai hindi population living happily along with tamil for years.But in bangalore people may know the person from same street but not in different places of the city, coz nobody(outisders) trust each other. Tamil and Climate is the nightmare for outside, if they overcome, then thats the place gives indian happiness , not the western style happiness. I really enjoyed both the cities. Even i lived in many parts of India

hi I completly agree with sathish...he is perfect about both the cities...

Mr.Arun bangalore s fourth most populous city and chennai is fifth....But landwise chennai is fourth and Bangalore is fifth just search it in google.....if my points are wrong i will agree that bangalore s best.....

r u **** **** ......chennai comes no where near the 4th biggest city in asia.....check ur basic facts....GROW UP KID.....and screw ur film industry it is humourous as ****..........YOU PEOPLE ARE KNOW FOR YOUR RUDE AND UNFRIENDLY NATURE....being a north indian ........BANGALORE IS ANY DAY BETTER THA CHENNAI TO LIVE IN

jafar u r absolutely rite....most of the IT are shifting to coimbatore and chennai recently....bangalore we can say only for disco & pub as best city....but chennai is awarded as traditional city guys....only bachelors will say bangalore as a good city if they got married they will not stay there bcz they well known if they stay in bangalore they have to search their wives in club & pub... Please boys dnt compare chennai with bangalore.....i stayed in both cities but chennai is chennai....

if u dont know anything then dont say anything,,,,chennai is worse city in the world.i am living here from 4 comparision to bangalore chennai is nothing...not even 1 percent..u people only lives in chennai,dont go any other city and always tell that our city is nice...

  • Guest
  • sathish shanmugam wrote on February 2011

Please spend the same money in chennai which you need to live in bangalore for middle class life, you will get king's life.I think you are living in the place where below middle class people lives, so you cant expect everything big.

What the Fu.... you are talking about chennai who told its the chepest city

my dear Bro i m in the hart of chennai which called MOUNTRoad see its fear chennai is one of the worst city in my life still i travel so many places in india but i never seen Bad people like chennai

Bro just grow up chennai is chepist place before 10 year not now

wher r y............

And the one thing which i want to say about the chennai its a dustbin

here people dont want to speek hindi they just live in Tamil and want to die in tamil

Madrasi having money butno living sence if u try to communicate with them in hindi they will act like they didnt understand any thing

but if u use some abuse word mean (FAMOUS HINDI GALI) then see they will react soon

so Bro grow up HINDI is our national languge so u should know it otherwise its very difficult to survive outside the chennai

In shot chennai is the worst place for any one its a black spot of our country

and Rajni the old stupid person is the big f........

so jus be mature and accept the truth......

y the **** u r living in chennai... Just quit.... No one is begging you to stay in chennai... S we are tamilans... If u have guts speak the same thing in chennai to anyone..... Typing and posting anyone can do....

Fake life... Earning 50k and once in while guys goes to pub and say I often goes to pub.... crazy... Have u ever heard that hindi people learnt any south Indian language.. they never tried also.. So stop questioning tamil people... Bangalore is good city but losing it's originality.. very few people from karnataka.... This north india stupid A'es spoiling the beauty and culture of karnataka.. B'lore becoming LAS vegas.. only for enjoyment... Shame on people who are allowing this..

Chennai still maintains it culture.. No north indian can spoil this env.. Climate is hot here.. All kind of people r living here.. Only IT in B'lore and some garments.. Chennai known for its exports, IT and auto..

3 years before they built the electornic city bridge.. very poor architecture.. and very small city.. very less population.. Chennai is far better with this population..

One more thing u need to remember Bangalore losing it's beauty and climate compare to 7 yrs before.. Let's see how long it goes.......

  • Guest
  • Rommel wrote on April 2012

Hey bro...have you been to Las Vegas? It seems like you have cow-dung for brains. Chennai still maintains its culture, what non-sense, the people of your culture act like vultures. Looting India is what you people do. Look at Jayalalitha, A. Raja, Kanimozhi Karunanidhi, Nithyananda and actress Ranjitha scandal. Your politicians are beggars, they beg for votes by giving free TV's, Rice, and other incentives by looting the tax payers money. Look what happened to the L.T.T.E; they died like dogs for killing one of our greatest Prime Ministers Mr. Rajeev Gandhi. Your city is dirty with filth and garbage all over the place. The stench is unbearable out there. The guys in Chennai speak horrible English and cannot even hold a conversation with a girl. They look at girls with so much lust in their eyes and have no guts to speak up. Look at some of your cheap movies. Your kind of humour is based on hitting people, insulting them for their skin colour as though you Tamilians are very fair.

Your auto drivers charge an exorbitant amount to go to a place that is close-by. It is so hot out there and your brains have become fried. Most of you suffer from sun-stroke and your brains are damaged. Bangalore is so pretty and we do not have to suffer from third-degree burns on our skin due to the sun rays like the way you do. Your public transport is quite decent but people stink like old yeast because of excessive sweating. You people are jealous of Bangalore because you can never match Bangalore in any sense. Karnataka was sinking in corruption due to Chief Minister Yeddyurappa and the people of this great state along with the Lokayukta took him off power and sent him to jail. Do you people of Tamil-Nadu have the guts to stand up to your politicians? All you can do is complain and feel jealous. I feel pity for foolish people like you. The words Chennai and Cheap have four letters in common. There is a four letter word that I would like to describe your city and that word is ****. You cheap tamilians in our Bangalore slums keep getting trashed by our Kannada boys because you get drunk and act like as though you are one of those cheap fellows in your flop movies. Get out of my great state your cheap porkees. This message is not addressed to the decent Tamilians in the city of Bangalore or anywhere else in the world. It is a message that needs to be sent across to all those cheap, third-class, and dirty Tamilians who ruin my beautiful city of Bangalore.

  • Guest
  • gen7 wrote on April 2014

go and **** the filthy dog..u r speaking as if ur city s clean everywhere **** **** i have visited your city many times there s also filty areas and also good areas u dont have d rigths to speak any of the tamilians if u r so good people then u should compensate with cauvery water,with this thing the character of ur state and politicians can be easily understand and there is a political party in ur state who s violatig and nd u say abt l t t e wat u know abt them u **** u r spoiling the nations culture if i get a chance meeting u i ll definitely trash u to the core.

  • Guest
  • gen7 wrote on April 2014

u r sayin great leader rajiv gandhi pls check the highest black money list he resides in d firdt place u **** **** homo

  • Guest
  • gen7 wrote on April 2014

u r telling as if nobody suffers sun stroke in ur city and any disease u **** chennai is the best place for hospitality and even fromm some other asian country comes here hospitals for the best medication u bangalooreens r nothing if there s no IT industry

  • Guest
  • gen7 wrote on April 2014

not only in tn every india having dis prob wid politician pls refer the crime acts done in karnataka pipoliticians nd have some knowledge

  • Guest
  • suresh wrote on March 2012

panchu.... who told hindi is indias national language..... first.... read that in wiki atleast...plz... improve your knowledge....

  • Guest
  • sphere wrote on April 2012

hey panchu!! stupid fool.. get the **** out right away to ur hometown where u can beg for money unlike chennai... ****

  • Guest
  • gen7 wrote on April 2014

suck my **** and balls **** idiot

chennai s worst city and nothing was not in chennai mean what u doin for 4years in chennai bloody....suckin anybody ****....

  • Guest
  • gen7 wrote on April 2014

first suck my **** and balls

Dai baadu arun....if nothing s not in chennai....whose **** u r sucking for four years in chennai.....

chennai cant be worst city in the world..its only dirty place that's it....chennai is much safer than b'lore not only for girls even for guys....

  • Guest
  • glam e wrote on April 2012

dude.. seriously!! improve ur **** language..

raghu plz...not all the girls will be in pub/club..majority of the girls will be from other cities/states,u can find them in pub/club not bangalore girls....i dont agree with this...

  • Guest
  • prakash wrote on April 2012


hello khalander u dnt know the correct spell for jealous....u dnt have any capability to send comments....just close......dnt compare chennai with bangalore...bangalore it is very very worst city i ever seen.... please dnt spell bangalore city it is very same for the word city....

  • Guest
  • Sunilgowda wrote on February 2011

hello mister jiffri & Senthil Kumar i think you dont know about bangalore every people wants live in bangalore because kannadigas welcomes to all types of peoples and love indians ,but in chennai nobady wont like because in your chennai which one know tamil he only live but no tamil he cant live ,your most people are not help to thier because of your peoples has jealous nature.your lot of tamil peoples are wants to live in bangalore so both of you think & dont underestimat any cities because this two are indians cities . i love bangalore & chennai because i am a indian

  • Guest
  • sathish shanmugam wrote on February 2011

you are right sunil, i hope in your home you welcome the neighbor hood to your house and celebrate all your festivals in their style and eat their style food. But tamils are narrow minded, they welcome the neighbor hood to their house and celebrate all their festivals in their own style and serve their food.

Mr.Sathis...we are taking abt differences....dnt try to bring the culture inside....

  • Guest
  • Shravan wrote on February 2012

Sariyaada mandya neenu antha ninna english alle gothagathe...

  • Guest
  • Anurag wrote on February 2011

Which city of these is better for learning Carnatic Vocal Music? I would appreciate your response.

By the way, I am a North Indian and have traveled to many parts in India, including Chennai and Bangalore. No matter which community dislikes whom (e.g. South Indians dislike North Indians), I find Indian from every part in India, equally caring, emotional and sentimental, if disliking and hatred for other communities are set apart. So, based on my analysis and experiences of world's many communities, I think that all Indians are worth being loved, no matter whether they are from South, North, West, East or Middle India. I find a great difference between Indians and Westerners, my experience says, westerners are worthless because of their unreliability. They don't value commitments in relationships. This is my and many people's experiences with western people. So, bottomline is, Indians are the most superior people to any other community people in the whole world, no matter which part they are from in India so, we should not discriminate.

Apologies if I went offtrack but your argument Bangalore and Chennai made me to write my views based on my immense experiences.



dai pae punda arun......i love u so much.....

chennai is best from bangalore in these.

1.Dartiest muncipality is working here in chennai.only nugambakkam,myalapore,egmore,adyar area are quiet clean.

2.All the man here are alcoholic in chennai.U can see many drunker sleeping on road from evening itself.This is there rich culture.

3.They dont know hindi,our national language.hindi is like prohibited here.they know only tamil.

4.They hate north indians,not only north indians,all other state people of india.this is there culture..

Wake up u people,Try to be indian..Learn hindi.respect our national language.

  • Guest
  • sathish shanmugam wrote on February 2011

1.Dirtiest city , i think you had a visit to shopping malls and pubs in bangalore, visit where the people below middle class lives.You are comparing the chennai region where people below midlle class lives and bangalore region where where upper middle class lives, compare properly

2.Please find in bangalore many tamil guys and girls in IT firms dont drink alcohol.U didnt the count of goverment labor who earn only Rs60/day and spend money for alcohol which in needed to supress body pain, they cant afford to pay for relispray like you spend coz u lead white collar job

3.Yes Hindi is national language addition to this 14 other national languages are there. India is a multilingual country and has not only one national language, it has 14 national languages. We are Indians, not Hindians

4.Check in wikipedia, sowcarpet is chota mumbai where hindi population lives, other places likes vepery,Avadi, tambaram, besant nagar, adayar also has major hindi population. Chennai has only 40% of tamil population, rest are Hindi,marwaris, telugu, malayalis, few kannadigas.

Indian should contribute to India many ways like money,fame,social welfare, foreign investment.Chennai donate huge fund for gujarat earthquake,kargil fund. Mozart of madras ARR brought fame thro golden globe, oscar award, Dell,motorola,Nokia,hyundai,ford,saint gobain are the majaor foreign investors in india. Indian means not Hindi speaking only. Hindi speaking region spoils india by naxals, maoist,terorist, not contributing to India well. In this regard, south and west side of india does well. Its Jai Hind, not Jai Hindi. We want to say Jai Hind. Also please know about India, only Hindi is not national language, addition to this other 14 national languages are there

yah sure, keep dreaming that chennai can overtake bangalore. i dont think anyone from rest of india will opt to go to chennai, unless forced.chennai is cheaper, but for moving to next level in economic value chain, chennai is nowhere going to be close to bangalore..

Hindi is not a natioal language it is onlt yhe official language..get ur stats right...

  • Guest
  • sathish wrote on July 2011

oohh... If we learn hindi we are respecting india right.... Good... Respect shld come frm heart... Just read the comments above... Then u will come to know whos good and whos bad... U r talking like ****.. Its u narrow minded...

Respect shld come frm heart.

You are right about that.Just ask anyone who is not a tamilian who has visited chennai,one question,WILL HE GO BACK THERE? he will definitely say no.

There is nothing wrong in liking your language,but it cannot justify you hating other languages and people.



Daai. Kirukku punda...........Sonna kaeka maataaa?


  • Guest
  • raul tim wrote on December 2011

YOU ARE WRONG ARUN **** BANGALOOREANS ARE MOTHER **** CAUSE I LIVE IN **** BENGALOORU its no more bengalooru but **** **** **** "bendafucklooru" **** bugger there's no such electric train in bendafucklooru but in chennai there are four cricket playgrounds and an upcoming metro train which is more bigger in length ie 118kms but in **** bangalore it is only 48kms that's why you **** bangalore has got metro train fasterr but worst as compareed to chennai which is bigger and bangalore is only 700km square area whereas NEW CHENNAI is 1800km square you illeterate f**********ker

bangalore has got metro train fasterr but worst as compareed to chennai which is bigger and bangalore is only 700km square area whereas NEW CHENNAI is 1800km square you illeterate f**********ker

So ?

You know why people hate chennai and not Bangalore?,because people are like you in chennai abusive,uncultured and disrespectful.This is welcome everyone gets and the memory about the place that remains.

Bangaloreans will never stoop so low.


  • Guest
  • sathish shanmugam wrote on February 2011

Yes, Bangalore is the No.1 IT exporter, so he named it as Silicon valley. There is no harm in saying truth and iam proud bangalore is an indian city which is growing drastically. Abdul Kalam would ve gone to abroad or Luxurious city after he completed his president role.But he came to chennai anna university to spend his rest of life. This may clearly tells you that he never hates any indian cities and his native place...Please understand and write anything.You are the one said that Chennaites are rowdies, excuse me ...Katrina kaif mom and sister living in chennai to serve needy people...where they have freedom to do charity work without any hindrance. But ..if you try to do in any hindi speaking region then you are finished.Coz, they want to retain the poor people as poor, else nobody will be there to ride rickshaw, clean their toilet, do jobs for Rs40/day

  • Guest
  • raul tim wrote on December 2011


some years before most of girls beatup by some boys in the the culture of bangalore.....chennai are rowdeys mean then these boys are heros....just arun u dnt know anythin...stop the comments.

banglore is the stupid and irritating city.who said chennai is cheepest city????? come to chennai and see how developed it is. IN CHENNAI ALL FACILITIES ARE THERE.dont talk bad about myyyy chennai.THOSE WHO SAID MY CHENNAI IS CHEAPEST CITY THEY ARE MAD & BLIND,STUPID,IDIOTS. WHEN CHENNAI IS COMPARED WITH BANGALORE;CHENNAI IS TOP AND GREAT CITY. OK VA STUPID BANGALOREAN??????????????????????????????????

Chennai rulzzzzzzzzzz........... bangalore sucks............... **** u bangalore people chennai has better infrastructure................ and that's all that counts for a city..... and please dont ever say that bangalore is cleaner than chennai..........chennai is a lot cleaner than bang.......... u bang people wanna just show off n telecast that bang rulzz south but that wont happen when chennai's there ........chennai rullzzzzzzzzzzzzz............. stupid bang sucks for life...............

  • Guest
  • sashank wrote on April 2011

u bangaloreee sambari people...... wtf do u know abt chennai,its south indias largest city,south india's only ancient metropolitan,u cracks of bangalore hav no idea.u ppl talk like illitrates and call urself high class,bang is a young city. a youngster cannot compete with an established city such as chennai........ u ppl call that a city......oh plz chennai isin't dirty u idiots.....its ur brains... u've ppl hav gone mad...... ur bangalore is peanuts in front of chennai.......... long live madras yeah....................wohooo!....and die brainless bang

  • Guest
  • Suren wrote on May 2011

All Hindi speaking f***rs just for your information Hindi is not the national laguage of India. It is just the primary official language in India.

Guys relax.....thr is negative points on both the city....

who are all shown hard & hateness in their speech on Chennai, Let me tell you some important points: As far as I concerned, both Chennai & Bangalore are situated in our great country "India". Whichever city is best we should be very proud off instead of arguing with some comments. I read someone has written that chennai people only speaks Tamil not Hindi but the thing is, it's not our mistake that we asked only tamil not hindi our government has opposed the hindi because of dominiation. I hope most of you worked in Mumbai as well, there they support Marathi as much as to compare with any other languages. This will show their love, affection shows on their mother tongue. Someone has written that Chennai is costlier now to compare with Bangalore. I had a experience in Bangalore that even for two kilometers driver took Rs.200 but not in Chennai. Majority of roads are one way, traffic jam issues. On the otherhand Chennai is not that much clean city as like Bangalore. Both the cities are having few ups and downs. Taking poor, middle class people surviving, land & rent cost of house, Price of FMGC goods is much lesser in Chennai than Bangalore. Someone has written number of rowdies are living in Chennai. Having said that I feel Chennai is more safer city in India & I read in one of the article that Chennai is awarded for the same reason from Internation level. Bangalore is known best for IT, shopping etc.. but poor or middle income group is not afford to shop on each & every day. As a whole I will rate Chennai is ahead than Bangalore.....

Chennai is dirty, ppl don't tolerate outsiders, there is no metered Taxi or Auto for communication, No metro rail (not yet), weather is too hot and too humid, no one follow the traffic rules, ppl r arrogant and uncivil, Temples and TASMAC are synonyms, doesn't have a good airport, railways stations r too dirty.

  • Guest
  • prets wrote on September 2011

hi fi :)

  • Guest
  • raul tim wrote on December 2011

Bangalore has only "f****king silicon city" as its Title deed but DO ANY **** KNOW THAT NEW CHENNAI IS "THE DETRIOT OF SOUTH ASIA "HAAAA HAAAAAA HAAA BANGALORE SUCKS its not bangalore but "fuckalore".

Everyone r targeting against tamils.

ok tamilians are not accepted the hindi as national language.. so whats wrong with this.without hindi they achieved tamilnadu is one of the developed state in india its better than karnataka.wont u accept this? bcoz there are some reasons, tamil is very older than hindi.then how can they accept hindi as national lang? in india each and every state has own pros&cons,thats not only for tamilnadu or karnataka even MH,AP more thing i want 2 mention here UNO said tamilnadu can stand individually as a country,mind it.Basically im kannadiga,living in tamilnadu.,but im not a chennaitee

Here the topic is Difference between Chennai and Bangalore?

I have been living in both cities for few years.,but i like both the cities. Each metro has some problems.,In my knowledge i found the some difference i.e

chennai is the first metropolitan city in commonwealth countries apart london, but bangalore has developed as modern city in last few decades because of IT..still today chennai is called as traditional city,living cost lower than bangalore,transportation cost is low compared to bangalore,Education is good in both cities when compared to other metros..

Bangalore climate is cool,but chennai is too hot,Bang is a cleanest city than chennai(some of them mentioned chennai is the dirtiest city,i think those peoples are not yet 2 see the Indian newyork(mumbai).today Bangalore is called IT hub of india,chennai is the frontrunner in automobile industry and also called as "south asia detroit".chennai is bigger than bangalore in area,

when compared to chennai everyone knows bang traffic is terrific.In infrastructure chennai is good.

In recently i heard some of the companies are moved to coimbatore from bangalore but im not sure ... if its true then coimbatore will be competitor 4 bangalore in future not now ,becoz both the cities are very similar in climate,infrastructure.

Even bangalore is a cleanest city but chennai has attracted more foreign touristers for last few years..

Bangalore is worst city in India. Don't comepare with chennai any time. Chennai is leading All of the industries, Banglore just have IT industry only. Also now a days so many it companies moved to chennai.

  • Guest
  • raul tim wrote on December 2011

You got the point mannnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! you are absolutely write Bangalooreans are fuckerssssssssssss they just only know to go dance in the f*****king Fuckinng PUBs and **** there with slutttttttttttssssss man you've got the point!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest
  • Ashok Kumar wrote on August 2011

chennai is a best city overall

  • Guest
  • Ramprasad wrote on August 2011

Chennai is the automobile capital,health capital of india. we dont want us to be a pub capital of india like ur bangalore as it demolishes the india's culture. CHENNAI EVER RULZ...

  • Guest
  • prets wrote on September 2011

freaking... chennai can never be compared to blore.. cheap city cheap crowd.. i can actually c how chennaities are by the above comments...

  • Guest
  • sethupathy wrote on October 2011

guys please understand that outsiders are more in bangalore because of non availability of talented local people.please equip ur skils and do ur best to show that bangalore is kannadiga city. As a tamilan , i feel bad when outsiders are insulting kannada. Dont say that you are welcoming outsiders. Fact is that they are over ruling local people. please go to the local people and talk , u get the actual picture.Dont be biased towards any language , culture or society. No body can deny that because of outsiders bangalore and mumbai have grown.

  • Guest
  • vijaydeep wrote on October 2011

lo maga's i think u know about both cities(bangalore,chennai

)most of peoples likes bangalore becuase here climt is 2 gud,city is vry beautiful,many jobs are there in blore............blore girls are super campare 2 chennai......uszzzzzzz dnt talk about bangalore,is king of india.......

  • Guest
  • rajesh k v wrote on December 2011

Chennai will get the universal award. That is the biggest slum in the entire Universe. Dirt everywhere. No where near Bengaluru. Entire Karnataka is clean and beautiful. Whereas, rest of India is garabage and Chennai tops the list

  • Guest
  • Dhruva wrote on December 2011

I'm a bangalorean and im very much happy abt it and i have never been to chennai. I really don't know why you ppl are fighting over this. This is why we Indians fail at our UNITY. Whether u stay in Bengaluru or Chennai, it doesn't matter.... You are an INDIAN. That matters. Compare but don't fight. Compare and help each other to develop but don't be a replica of politicians.

  • Guest
  • Sagar wrote on December 2011

Hi Guys bangalore is bigger than chennai City area of chennai is 474 SQ KM where as banglore is 741 SQ Km ,Metropolitan area covers 8000 Sq km BMRDA & chennai is 1189 Sq Km CMDA

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