Posterous vs. Tumblr: Post Your Blog!

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Difference between Posterous and Tumblr

Blogging has become an increasingly popular activity in recent years. As technology developed it is now easy to create a blog on the various blogging platforms which have surfaced online. They offer simple but powerful tools controlling design and interaction needs.

The user can post content like text, photos, videos, and links to other websites while having the ability to easily connect with social networking accounts. All of this gives a greater freedom to stay in touch with the things that matter the most for an individual.

Registration is free and accessible to anyone who has internet connection or just a mobile phone. Recent technologies connect with your mobile phone for posting online content.


Mobile Blogging

Posterous enables users to post content online through an email sent from the mobile phone to a generic address which links to their account. The subject line will be the title of the post, while the body of the email including videos and photos will create the content of your blogging post. You can easily add tags by specifying in the subject line the following syntax ((tag 1, tag2...)). This will make it easier for others to find your content when they search for specific keywords. Posterous also lets you link to your Twitter account so your post is automatically uploaded there as well.

Tumblr has integrated an iPhone application enabling users to post content on their tumblelogs (personal blogs). You can also call a specified phone number and record a message which will be uploaded as an audio post.


On Tumblr you can also be part of a community. A user may follow the posts of another user, give feedback to a post by pushing a “like” heart shaped button and reblog posts from other users so that his network has access to that information. The initial author of the post is always mentioned in the reblogging chain so no one takes ownership for something someone else has found. You can see on your dashboard streams from users that you follow and can instantly like or reblog the content.

Posterous enables subscriptions to other users and lets you favorite posts you like. You can't reshare though content from your subscriptions pages.


Tumblr has a great collection of themes developed by various contributors. If you know your way through HTML and CSS coding you can make your own theme and add it to Tumblr under your name as a contributor. The themes combine photos, graphics and text. Posterous does not have customizable themes yet, but changes are made each day.

Similarities and Differences

  • Posterous and Tumblr enable their users to post information from their mobile phones. Posterous users email content which is translated by the blogging platform into a post format.
  • On the Posterous and Tumblr communities you can subscribe to/ follow other users and favorite their posts. Tumblr also allows reblogging.
  • Tumblr offers customizable themes. Posterous has a default theme for all users.


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