Rock Music vs. Hip Hop vs. Punk Music: Pump up the Volume

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Difference between Rock Music, Hip Hop and Punk Music

For most people, music is life. Music sets our mood for everyday and for most people it is something that calms them down when they listen to it. Some people even associate a certain song for every aspect of their life and they also have a theme song for themselves. This is how influential music is to people. This is also one of the reasons why people have established some award giving bodies to recognize the composers of music for their hard work and dedication for entertaining people. There are a lot of music categories that are being awarded in a music awards program, and we are going to tackle three of the most popular genres namely rock music, hip hop and punk music.

Hip Hop
Punk Music


Rock music was first introduced in 1950’s and it has since been entertaining people from all walks of life. Rock music is one of the most popular types of music genre, wherein the music is dominated by the electric guitar. It is often described as loud music, and through the years, it has produced different music sub-genres like folk rock, slow rock, heavy metal, hard rock, punk rock and alternative rock. Hip hop music on the other hand is a genre which came from the roots of the Hip Hop culture which is defined by rapping, scratching, DJ-ing, sampling, and doing the beatbox. Hip Hop music originated in South Bronx in early 1970’s. Punk music or punk rock is a sub-genre of rock music which evolved in 1976 in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States. Punk rock was originated from garage rock and proto-punk music. Punk rock is a fast-paced, hardcore music with short lyrics (political and anti-establishment) and stripped down instrument playing. Punk rock prides itself with its DIY ethics wherein bands self-produce their music and distribute them via informal channels.


In the early 1950’s, rock music was born. This genre is originated from rock and roll and a mix of different music genres such as country & western, rhythm & blues, and gospel music. Alan Freed, a disc jockey in Cleveland, Ohio played rhythm and blues music for a different type of audience (multi-racial) and he first used the term “rock and roll” which he described the songs he played. Hip Hop music on the other hand was founded by Africans and Afro-Americans. There is a group of traveling singers in West Africa known as the griots which sing like rappers. It was later in 1950 after the birth of rock when its sub-genre, punk rock music evolved.


At present, rock music is played by bands namely Metallica, The Calling and Lifehouse. Hip Hop music on the other hand is represented by bands like Eminem, Missy Elliot and the like. Finally, punk rock is played by The Offspring and Green Day.


  • Rock is one of the best music genres there is and has been mixed with other music genres because of its popularity.
  • Hip Hop music is characterized mainly by rapping.
  • Punk music is a sub-genre of rock music and is often used to make political statements.


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