Lady Gaga vs. Madonna: Diva Supreme

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Difference between Lady Gaga and Madonna

When Madonna first hit the public consciousness in the 1980s, her impact was nothing less than astounding. Bringing together a noticeably visual appeal that drew in equal parts on fashion, sexuality and controversy. Madonna ruled the pop roost for decades, with numerous pretenders to the throne falling by the way side. With the bombastic entry of Lady Gaga into the pop charts however, it seemed that Madonna finally had a worthy contender. Does Lady Gaga indeed have what it takes to take on the chameleon-like Madonna? This comparison article aims to answer that question.


It is actually quite difficult to compare the two in terms of impact, since Lady Gaga and Madonna came onto the scene at different times. The United States and the rest of the world was then reeling from the effects of the Reagan administration when Madonna first appeared, and her overtly sexual image was quite shocking to say the least. Of course, the 1980s wasn't exactly known for being an era of fashion conservatism, but Madonna still somehow registered quite an impact in the social radar. Fast forward thirty years later and it would take something really outlandish to register a blip. Nevertheless, Lady Gaga has managed to drum up her share of controversy as well, but her impact in the overall scheme of things will have to be measured up against Madonna.


Again, this is a difficult category to pin down. Madonna isn't exactly the best singer on the scene, but she has somehow made a career with what nature has given her. To her credit, it does take a certain amount of talent to sign, dance, write…and yes, writhe onstage, and her ability to stay one step ahead of the prevailing trends should be commended. As for Lady Gaga, there is a lot more to her than her seemingly forgettable dance hits would seem to indicate. She is quite an accomplished pianist for starters, and most would agree that she has a more developed singing voice than Madonna. Whether or not her songs are apt vehicles for her undeniable talent is another matter entirely, but in terms of sheer talent, Lady Gaga does have what it takes to measure up.


This category is either the easiest or the hardest to compare the two by. Madonna’s knack for constantly reinventing her look has been fodder for the trade rags for decades, and as a fashion icon, she has few peers. Lady Gaga has her own wacky and outlandish fashion sensibilities to be sure, but it does draw in large part on those who came before–Madonna included. That being said, numerous comparisons have been made between Madonna and other fashion icons of previous years, so in this category, it would appear that both are equally accomplished.


Lady Gaga

  • Arguably has a better singing voice
  • Can play piano quite well
  • Is often compared to Madonna (sometimes unfavorably)


  • Set the stage for numerous copycats
  • Was herself compared to and drew influence from previous music and fashion icons
  • Has an uncanny knack for reinventing herself musically and fashion-wise


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