Samsung 3D vs. Sony 3D: Best 3D for Your Money

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Difference between Samsung 3D and Sony 3D

3D technology has finally come to the world of consumer electronics and with various TV manufacturers scrambling all over themselves to release their 3D-capable models, you can bet that the TV viewing public is absolutely lapping them all up. Among the two most popular bets in the 3D stakes are Samsung 3D and Sony 3D, and they seem to offer practically the same features and capabilities. Which one deserves your hard-earned buck? Let's take a look.

Samsung 3D
Sony 3D

Market Plans

Both Samsung and Sony have recently announced their respective 3D models, much to the anticipation of the TV viewing public. Samsung has gone on record saying that it planned to produce no less than 2 million 3D TVs this year, a figure that comprises 5% of its total TV output. Sony was no less keen to get in on the 3D market, with 2.5 million units planned for release this year. This figure comprises 10% of its total projected TV sales.

Cost and Market Issues

In spite of the overwhelming optimism surrounding the impending 3D releases, many remain skeptical as to the market performance of these companies with their respective units. For one thing, only a third of the TV market has expressed interest in the new models, and many remain on the “cautiously optimistic” side of the fence. There are also concerns about the prices of the units, which is actually warranted since the 40-inch Sony model is expected to have a price tag of $2,450 with the Samsung unit expected to command just a slightly lower price as well. Other common concerns include the cost of the 3D glasses and the transmitters that are to be used for interfacing with the unit.

In Use

Initial runs of both models show that the Sony model exhibited less crosstalk than the equivalent model from Samsung, although there was some perceptible flicker from time to time. The 3D glasses that came with the Sony were also a lot more comfortable than the glasses that came with the Samsung model and they did a better job of blocking out the rest of the outside world.

In any case, both the Samsung and the Sony caused a bit of disorientation upon the initial wearing the glasses although this disappeared after a few seconds. Far more bothersome was the 2D-to-3D conversion features of both units, which caused no small amount of discomfort when the units were switched to the 3D setting. Nevertheless, this only served to highlight the sheer 3D power behind both of these amazing units and we have no doubt that later models will provide a much less discomforting 3D viewing experience.


Samsung 3D

  • 2 million units planned for release this year
  • Comes in at just slightly less than the Sony
  • 2D-to-3D conversion feature can cause some discomfort

Sony 3D

  • 2.5 million units planned for release this year
  • 40-inch model will cost $2,450 in early 2010
  • 3D glasses are a lot more comfortable than the glasses that came with the Samsung


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  • Sara . 3+ yrs. ago

Seriously spent countless hours at the stores, putting on the glasses, checking out how user friendly this is, what to look for and what not to ....With a total purchace of product in excess of $5000 i wanted to get the best i could for what i was spending...I am not the tv watcher in our home and this was a gift for my husband,so I spent hours researching the products. I found that purchasing this tv and surround with all the bells and whistles, at first made me nervous, but with the oustanding education of the folks at best buy, and the geek squad setup made my buying experience much more that i could have asked for. i got more insight from them than i did buying a $40,000 car!! Way to go guys....I cant wait to see my husbands face! This sony 3d is phenomenal.Who needs to leave home to have the full experience of theatre quality pic ans sound when you can get it right in the comfort of your own home!

  • Akash winchurkar . 3+ yrs. ago

Bast tvled samsung

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