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Difference between China and USA

China and United States of America are two very important and leading economic forces in the world today. The history of each of these countries ranges back to somewhere around 12,000 years ago when people first settled into these lands. China is comparatively more ancient then America in terms of recorded documents and artifacts from the past. The name China was attained by that country in 150 AD as a result of combinations from languages in the region. The name of America was with reference to Amerigo Vespucci and was bestowed in 1507. The complete name “United States of America” came to be when it was a British Colony in the 17th Century.


Cultural Analysis

Chinese culture has ancient roots. It is more of an expansion of a civilization that is spread over in the major parts of East-Asia. This civilization has a national or a multinational identity in terms of people.

United States of America is a multicultural location. This is because the locality has majority of the people who are not originally from the region and have migrated from other locations so as to make a stable economic state. It is a combination of various groups, traditions and values. The Native American and the Native Hawaiian populations are the only people who have been locals to the region. The remainder of the population has their ancestors based in other locations around the world.

Arts & Literature

China is said to be the root to all the writing that we see in the world today. It is said that the oldest writing script was discovered in China. The trends of alphabets and written communication are believed to come from China. The country is rich with excellent literature that has played an active role of the literature around the world. The folklore as well as non-fiction literature of the region has impressed people world over.

Literature in United States of America is derived from that of Europe. As of this century, the literature in United States is perhaps amongst the most in demand. This can easily be proved by the fact that 11 U.S citizens have won the Nobel Prize for literature recently.

Geography and Climate

Both the countries cover a very large area of land in completely opposite regions of the world. The climatic conditions in both China and USA differ significantly from state to state. China ranges from mountains and plateaus to low lands in the east with a couple of rivers flowing throughout the year.

The United States has virtually all climatic types that run around the year in different locations from Hawaii to Alaska to the mainland. In addition to this, United States has a geography that has everything almost from the very eye catching snow capped mountains to deserts.


Both the countries are renowned for literature, education, technology as well as economy. As an observer, it is a matter of your concern that what features are you after.

  • China is a blend of tradition, culture and a society that is more historic then any other in the world.
  • The civilization of China is one of the ancient civilizations around the world and that has the most exotic landmarks built in the historic times.
  • China is the center of manufacturing as well. While USA focuses on corporate brands, China has a huge market where you can find everything at an affordable price.
  • The United States is a powerhouse with a strong stock market, strong entertainment industry, strong literary world, powerful advertising, strong military, larger middle class and more affluent culture overall when compared with China.

Who will lead the world in 10 years?
  • China
  • USA

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