Men vs. Women: A Brief Look

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Difference between Men and Women

It is of course common knowledge that men and women are quite different creatures despite belonging to the same species. In fact, these differences are so significant as to make them often seem like they are from two different planets entirely! The differences between men and women are so well known, although they are most apparent in their behaviors and how they react to certain situations. Of particular interest are the differences between both sexes with regard to dealing with depression, anger and sex, and those are what this comparison article focuses on.


Dealing With Depression

Believe it or not, many men have traditionally been brought up to believe that depression was something that only women go through. However, the fact of the matter is that depression affects men just as often as it does women, with the main difference being how members of each gender generally displays symptoms of the condition. In general, women are more likely to cry, withdraw from relationships and/or experience radical weight changes when depressed, while men are more likely to engage in unhealthy and/or destructive behavior such as drug or alcohol abuse, overeating, overworking and displays of violence. Men are also less likely to seek treatment for depression, and many scientists feel that this has something to do with the fact that men are more likely to commit suicide than women. Both genders are taught to hold in their pain rather than to express it constructively. Men tend to be just as upset about injustices played out against women as the women themselves are but neither side is socially guided to improve the cultural forces which are, themselves, unfair.

Dealing With Anger

In most cases, it would appear that men are quick to anger and often use it to their advantage, while most women tend to consider anger as largely harmful and/or counter-productive. However, certain studies have shown that women are just as apt to use anger to their benefit as men. The main difference is that most men tend to feel less comfortable about having to reign in their anger, while women tend to more easily accept not giving in to their emotions.

Dealing With Sex

Here is something that most people know already: men think about sex a lot more often than women do. In addition, men are also more likely to become aroused spontaneously and more frequently. They are also more likely to engage in illicit and even illegal acts of a sexual nature. Men are also more prone to having sex with numerous partners throughout their lifetimes. These tendencies are well known and should addressed formally via parental and societal education as well as the popular elevation of positive role models.



  • May engage in destructive behavior such as alcohol or drug abuse when depressed
  • May work or eat to excess when depressed
  • Twice as likely as to develop heart disease or die from heart problems when depressed
  • Many are brought up to believe that expressing emotions is for women
  • Not as likely as women to seek treatment for depression
  • More likely to commit suicide than women


  • May cry, withdraw, and experience drastic weight fluctuations when depressed
  • Think about sex less frequently than men
  • Most consider anger counter-productive
  • Often aren't adversely affected when they are unable to express their anger directly

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  • Men
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