Mass vs. Weight

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Difference between Mass and Weight

Although many people don’t realize it, mass and weight are two very different things. It’s true that they both can measure things but the way they are measured, how they are measured and their measurements are completely different. The amount of body or the amount of matter in a body or object is mass. Now weight is how much a mass feels due to the gravity that’s present at that time and in that situation.



Mass and weight are both measured differently and one of their measurements can always change. While mass is the body of the object, weight can change due to where you are and what gravity is there. Mass is actually measured by balance comparing an unknown amount of something (or matter) to a known amount. Weight on the other hand is measured with a scale. If you can’t remember the differences just remember when you stand on a scale the weight can always change due to how you’re standing or where the scale is. Mass on the other hand is your body, always the same unless you lose weight!


Weight can always be zero if there is no weight in something. When you go into outer space you can literally weigh zero pounds because of the gravity difference. Now mass on the other hand, can never be zero because if something is anything, it has to have a mass. No matter what or where you are, mass will always be over zero and it won’t change even if you’re in space. No amount or less amount of gravity can make mess lesser or more. The best thing about weight is that it can make you feel good to weigh less in another dimension. However the actualities if going to space to see your weight are slim to none. You have to love the irony though!


A very big example of mass versus weight is the fact that if you where to take something from earth like a clock and bring it to the moon it would weight less then it did on earth. However, the mass of that clock would not have changed even a simple ounce. Another example is the fact that you can measure mass by kilograms and can only measure weight by Newton’s.


  • Mass of an object or body will not change no matter where it is located.
  • Weight on the other hand, will change depending upon where you are and what the gravity is like, where ever you are.
  • Mass is measured in kilograms while weight is actually not, it’s measured in Newton’s.


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