Boardwalk vs. Beach

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Difference between The Boardwalk and The Beach

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach that has a boardwalk, you already know just how much more fun it makes a day out on the beach. For those who aren't quite so fortunate, what you are missing out on are numerous other social, entertainment and leisure activities, as well as the chance to enjoy the ocean without actually having to get wet. Of course the beach and the boardwalk go hand-in-hand, and they each definitely have their own merits. Here we take a look at some of what you could expect from the beach and the boardwalk.

The Boardwalk
The Beach

What To Do

In many countries, the boardwalk is itself worth the price of admission and there are a wealth of things to do even without getting your feet wet. There are usually food stands of various kinds, juice shacks, and even cafes and restaurants. There are also sometimes entertainment displays set up, which may range from full blown concerts to street performers. As for the beach, you of course have a wealth of search engine and sand related activities, which for many online shopping more than enough. Besides, there is always the time-honored tradition of simply catching some rays.


Of course being up on the boardwalk means that you have access to a lot more eating spots and drink shacks than you would down at the beach. In addition, there are usually a lot more entertainment opportunities in the bars, and even impromptu performances set up for the enjoyment of the passers by. Down on the beach, you probably won't have access to anything more than bottled war or a hot dog, although this depends on the type of beach you are in. In many countries, commercial activity right on the beach is strictly prohibited, while some beaches may allow vendors to roam around and hawk their wares.

Safety Concerns

The boardwalk is generally safer than the beach in terms of natural hazards. You won't have to worry about drowning or shark attacks for one thing, although there is a risk of running into land sharks that prey on tourists. Keep a close grip on your purse or wallet and you should be fine. Down on the beach, aside from the obvious risks of heatstroke, sunburns, drowning, and sharks, you will have to avoid going to secluded areas, particularly in a beach you are unfamiliar with. You could be at risk for a mugging and the sheer distance from police may prove to be a huge disadvantage. The best advice is to stay with a group you are familiar with.



  • Has a lot more to offer in terms of leisure and entertainment
  • Generally safer although there is a higher risk of petty theft
  • Games, rides, shopping and kids activities
  • Easier access to a bathroom
  • Can be pretty dirty


  • Offers a wealth of sea and sand related activities
  • Risks include drowning, heat stroke, sunburn, shark attack
  • Secluded areas may be a high risk area for muggings
  • Generally cleaner than the boardwalk
  • A generally more relaxing experience


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