WIFI vs. Wimax

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Difference between WIFI and Wimax

Technology is changing quite rapidly, and newer innovations are being invented every year. For someone who's not so tech savvy it can be hard to keep up with all the new innovations and gadgets coming out every year. In addition, local communication Infrastructures around the world are becoming quite sophisticated and advanced. For someone who has just became familiar with wireless communication... terms like WIFI and Wimax can be confusing. Most people are confused and believe that they be terms meaning the same thing. Although they have similar functions, they are quite different in how they work.



Most people are familiar with WIFI and know it's primary function, which is to send wireless short range signals from a broadband wired connection. This allows us to connect to the Internet provided your computer(s) is equipped to work on WIFI?  On the other hand, Wimax technology is fairly new and cutting edge. It allows computer(s) to connect to the Internet at speeds up to 16MB per second (comparable to fiber optic connection) without having a wired broadband connection, provided you purchase a wireless Wimax modem or a USB which enables one to connect to the Internet anywhere you go. Thus, Wimax gives you the freedom to connect to the Internet at blazing fast speeds on the go!


WIFI can allow one to surf the Internet at a high speed whether in one's home, office, coffee shop or hotel. WIFI can cover a distance of a few feet and one is limited in how far they can go while connected to the Internet. Generally, WIFI connected Internet usually doesn't work outside the house or hot-spot. On the other hand, Wimax has a range of up to 35 miles if one is within the range of a Wimax tower and they can connect wireless and surf the Internet at speeds up to 16MB per second. In addition, one should also have a USB modem (contact your ISP for more details) which allows a laptop to connect to the Wimax tower.

Connection Devices

WIFI works through a wireless device which connects to your existing home cable modem or DSL modem, and broadcasts that signal wirelessly. It usually looks similar to your existing cable modem or DSL modem, but it has one or two antennas on each side. However, these days, you can find WIFI modems without any antennas. On the other hand, Wimax connection devices come in all shapes and sizes, for example: WIFI Enabled Wimax modems, USB modems, outdoor modems and indoor modems which can be purchased from your Internet service provider. The most popular connection device for Wimax is the USB modem, which allows one to surf the Internet anywhere in the coverage area.


  • Wimax and WIFI may sound similar and do have similar functions, but are not the same.
  • WIFI enables a person to connect to the Internet at high speeds within their home or office, these connections are short range. While Wimax allows a person to surf the Internet at blindingly fast speeds, anywhere in the coverage area (Similar to cell phone coverage areas)
  • WIFI tends to have a range of only a few feet, while Wimax can have a range of up to 35 miles!
  • WIFI devices rely on cable modem or DSL wired connection to broadcast their signal, while Wimax is totally independent, and you can connect to the Internet using a small/compact USB modem, simply insert the USB modem into your USB slot and you're ready to surf the Internet at speeds up to 16MB per second.


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