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Difference between Businessweek and Newsweek

Magazines are an important source of information. They feature editorials, investigations, analysis and engage people to discuss about decisions made all over the world which directly impact our lives. Magazines often include specialist opinions on different topics covering specific niches. Much consideration is given to content quality as one of the key differentiators on the market. Journalists which are contributors for these magazines have high qualifications. Years of experience in the field help them to choose relevant information for readers worldwide. Progress of technology has its share in spreading the word and websites are great tools to deliver enhanced content to users. The online medium is the future of news magazines in such a context.



Businessweek is an American magazine published on a weekly basis by a privately owned company – Bloomberg LP since October 2009. By that time ownership pertained to the McGraw-Hill group. The sale was caused by the drop in advertising revenues due to crisis in late 2000’s. Newsweek is an American weekly magazine published by The Washington Post Company currently in 16 language editions: 4 in English and 12 in other local languages.


Businessweek targets audiences through its articles and analyses on the business community. Its main competitors in this category are two bi-weekly magazines: Fortune and Forbes. Businessweek covers subjects related to Finance, Technology, Innovation, Management, Small Business and Leisure after work. It has a global approach of markets keeping its readers updated with the evolution of stock markets and many other financial relevant data. There are also European and Asian editions of Businessweek. Newsweek features articles on subjects like Politics, Business, Culture, Health, Society, Science, Education, Technology and World issues. It relies on content provided by 9 offices in the U.S. as well as contributors from overseas. Information is structured with focus on top stories, topics and authors. Newsweek main competitors are Time magazine, U.S. News and World Report on American market and other top news magazines on European, Asian, African and South American market.

Availability on smart devices

Businessweek has developed an online application which enables users to stay updated and it works on smart phones and it is fully customizable as you can choose the companies you want to follow as the market changes. You can also access Businessweek content from reader devices available such as the iPad. Newsweek is available on your cell phone. You can choose the topic you want to receive news on and the favorite columnist and you may add more topics to best suit your informational needs. For all this you just need to download the Newsweek application. It’s compatible with most smart phones available on the market.


  • Businessweek and Newsweek are American weekly magazines.
  • Businessweek targets business communities worldwide, while Newsweek addresses a broader range of readers both national and global.
  • Both Businessweek and Newsweek are available on smart phones. Application need to be installed prior to customization.

Which periodical covers better subject matter?
  • Businessweek
  • Newsweek

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