Rachael Ray vs. Martha Stewart: Look Whose Cooking

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Difference between Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart

Who hasn't heard of Martha Stewart by now? The hugely popular celebrity chef, author and all around media figure has after all been in the public eye for a number of years now and all over the world, her distinctive flair has graced television sets almost continuously ever since she hit the scene. Rachael Ray is arguably almost as popular, and her bubbly personality has garnered her similar attention. In this comparison article, we take a look at the careers of these two remarkable women.


Rachael Ray was born Rachael Domenica Ray on August 25, 1968. Aside from being a famous and very recognizable television personality and celebrity chef, she is also a published author who has written a series of cookbooks based on the 30 Minute Meals idea. Among her more recognizable TV programs are the Food Network series 30 Minute Meals, Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels and $40 a Day. Ray also launched Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine. Martha Stewart was born on August 3, 1941, and plays equal roles as a business mogul, TV host, author, ex convict and magazine publisher. Most of her business ventures were undertaken under her own label - the Living Omnimedia network, and includes forays into publishing, broadcasting, and merchandising. Stewart also has a TV talk show called Martha, and she has published several bestselling books and Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Early Years

Rachael Ray lived much of her early years in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Lake George in New York. She started her culinary career behind the candy counter at Macy's and later moved to the fresh foods department. She later worked as a buyer for a gourmet market, and this experience was instrumental in her development of the 30 Minute Meals concept. Martha Stewart learned the arts of sewing and cooking from her mother, and she learned how to can and preserve food from her grandparents. She also had a flourishing career as a model and actually appeared in numerous television commercials and magazines ads.

Career High Points

Rachael Ray’s career high points are of course her numerous TV shows, the first of which were offshoots of sorts from her repeated appearances in the Oprah Winfrey Show. Martha Stewart’s career is arguably wider reaching and she has achieved almost equal prominence on TV and in print.


Rachael Ray

  • Born on August 25, 1968
  • Noted television personality, celebrity chef and published author
  • Host of the “Rachael Ray” program, 30 Minute Meals, Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels, and $40 a Day
  • Has a magazine called “Every Day with Rachael Ray”
  • Started out at the Macy's candy counter

Martha Stewart

  • Born on August 3, 1941
  • Is a television host, author, magazine publisher, and business figure
  • Founder of the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia network
  • Is involved in various business ventures spanning the range from publishing to broadcasting, and even merchandising
  • Learned to cook and sew from her mother
  • Learned canning and preserving from her grandparents
  • Was named the third most powerful woman in America by Ladies Home Journal in 2001
  • Was convicted of lying to investigators
  • Served five months in prison in 2004
  • Made a comeback in 2005
  • Is reported to have a net worth of $638 million

Which TV chef is more charming?
  • Rachael Ray
  • Martha Stewart

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