WebEx vs. LiveMeeting vs. GoToMeeting

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Difference between WebEx, LiveMeeting and GoToMeeting

WebEx is a Cisco company providing applications used for online meetings, web conferencing and video conferencing. While comparing the three we will use the term WebEx for one of its application named WebEx Meeting Centre used for live conferencing. LiveMeeting and GoToMeeting are the names of services/applications for online conferencing by Microsoft and Citrix Online respectively. Web conferencing as the name suggests is the technology in which people sitting at different physical locations can attend a live meeting or a training session or any such program through Internet. This can be done in two ways: (a) by using a downloaded application that is installed on every computer involved in the meeting or (b) by an application based on Internet in which users can attend the meeting by clicking the link that is transferred to each user by e-mail. Following comparison might help you to choose one the services.



WebEx is built on Media Tone Platform supported by a global network called Media Tone Network which was designed by the chief network architect of the company. LiveMeeting on the other hand, is convergence software that can be downloaded for free through Microsoft’s website. User can control PSTN lines using web. Users not using windows can also connect if HTTP URL is published. In case of GoToMeeting the host computer broadcasts its own desktop’s view to a number of participating users (client computers) through Internet. Encryptions and password can be used to protect the transmissions.


WebEx provides meeting, sales, training and consulting services through real time data sharing, voice sharing, video sharing and so on. Important features in Microsoft Office LiveMeeting 2007 are HQ presentation of media, voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) two-way multi-party, audio integration, recording, testing, grading, and file transfer. In GoToMeeting SSL and AES encryptions are used for security. Corporate version supports up to 25 users and an option for more than one organiser.

Platform, Video Support, Capacity

WebEx is compatible with Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. Same is the case with Microsoft LiveMeeting but in case of GoToMeeting the application won’t work with Linux but is comfortable with Mac OS and Microsoft windows. While WebEx and GoToMeeting provide VGA video support Microsoft LiveMeeting goes a step further with VGA, HQ support. WebEx provides a capacity of 1-100, whereas GoToMeeting has a capacity of 15.



  • It is a Cisco company building applications for online live conferencing, one of the software being WebEx Meeting Centre which is currently being compared to the other two
  • Built on Media Tone Platform
  • Meetings, Sales, training, event management and consulting services are provided by WebEx
  • Capacity: 1-100 and VGA support


  • It is a Microsoft product
  • User can control PSTN lines through Internet
  •  HQ presentation of media, voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) two-way multi-party, audio integration, recording, testing, grading and many more features


  • It is a Citrix Online service
  • Host computer broadcasts its desktop’s view
  • PPT or PDF files cannot be uploaded
  • SSL and AES encryptions
  • Not compatible with Linux

WebEx Commercial

Live Meeting Commercial

GoToMeeting Commercial

Which is better?
  • WebEx
  • LiveMeeting
  • GoToMeeting

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There is another solution for screen sharing – GoMeetNow. It supports video and audio conferencing too. Have a look at here http://www.gomeetnow.com

Here are more alternatives http://www.webconferencing-test.com/en/webconference_home.html

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  • rankreviews wrote on July 2011

The best part of GoMeetNow is you could purchase licenses on a daily base. For example, if you have a large meeting today, you could scale your licenses to 100 people. When you finish, you could switch back to 1.

gotomeeting vs adobe connect

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  • testbells wrote on December 2011

Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 are HQ intro of media, articulate over Net prescript (VOIP) two-way mulch-party, frequency combining, recording, investigation, building, and enter soul.

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  • ask a doctor wrote on October 2012

WebEx provides meeting, sales, training and consulting services through real time data sharing, voice sharing, video sharing and so on

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  • 4G EE UK wrote on October 2012

WebEx provides assembly, income, preparation and consulting services finished actual clip collection sharing, expression sharing, video intercourse and so on. Key features in Microsoft Office Live Meeting

Happy to discuss different options with you including Webex, Lync, IUM, Adobe and others based on your needs and circumstances. regards Goran

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  • Jack Holland wrote on August 2013

I've got a small group of media and entertainment consultants. We're looking for an affordable conference bridge service. We steering away from free because of the lack of professionalism it appears to make your company appear to have. I've heard a lot about Branded Bridge Line (http://brandedbridgeline.com) as one of the new up and coming services that's part of this new wave of conference bridge services but wondered if anyone knows how their price and features compares to some of the others like Intercall and Fuzebox? The goal for our company is to present ourselves in the most professional light and liked the professional voice talent option of Branded. Thanks!

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  • shrini wrote on January 2014

Another alternative is: RHUB web conferencing appliances. It’s an on premise solution with only one time cost as compared to hosted services.

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