Effected vs. Affected: The Difference

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Difference between Affected and Effected

Although they may sound exactly the same, the truth of the matter is that affected and effected are two different words with two different meanings. While one may mean to influence something the other is a result of something. This is a bit a hard to remember but the verb affected is to influence, while the noun effected is the result of something. The verb effected is actually to execute, accomplish or produce something. The differences are very big and can make you look very bad if you confuse them in your writing or everyday conversation. It is important to learn the difference so pay close attention.



The definition to these two words is different yet easily confused by many people. It takes some time getting use to each one to remember which is which, but at the end I will try and show you a way to remember. Affect is the influence that something has over another thing. Effect is the result of something happening and/or to produce or execute something if you’re using the verb. When you are using the word effect you need to be positive that the outcome is something that’s created not influenced. It is a new action or result from an action while accepted is from an existing action. If you still can’t tell the difference go ahead and continue reading for some examples.


Since affected and effected are so very different here are some examples so you can try to remember which is which. An example of the word affected is, “the snow affected Jessica’s hairdo.” This means that because of the snow, Jessica’s hair do got messed up. An example of effected would be. “The snow had no effect on the roads.” This means that even though it snowed, the roads weren't any worse off. Another example of effect or effected is, “The graphic effects were incredible.” Another example of affected is if you’re using it as in “roughly.” The example would be, “She affected in a matter of rudeness.”


You can always affect something if it already exists, but when you bring something into the situation it is being “effected.” Your hair is affected by gel or hair spray. You can even go as far as to say that an open wound would be affected by dirt. However, seeds that you plant into the ground are effected by water because they create or produce something new (flowers.)


  • Affected is to influence something that already exists. You may be influencing an action or situation.
  • Effected is to produce or create something that wasn’t already in existence before hand.
  • You can affect someone’s mood by being rude or being inconsiderate, however you can not effect their mood. A mood is already there, you can alter it but you can’t create it.
  • Affect is usually used as a verb and effected as a noun.


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