World Cup vs. Super Bowl vs. Olympics: The pinnacle of sports?

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Difference between World Cup, Super Bowl and Olympics

Sports can bring people together like no other activity especially when there are a prize and national pride at stake. Sport competitions which occur with variable regularity are the perfect occasion to show how much you value your representative team and how you sustain it on its way to victory. Fans go to extraordinary lengths to show their appreciation which makes the competition even more enjoyable.Some sport competitions imply global involvement and succeed in obtaining high ratings as people all over the world follow their favorites in the qualifying stages. The American football championship game always attracts millions of fans.


The World Cup is a football/soccer related event which involves 32 teams out of 204 national teams. Preparations start early and assume qualifying matches. Afterwards 8 groups are formed each including 4 national teams which will play against each other. The teams that qualify for later stages will become fewer as the tournament progresses leading to the most expected finale match where the champions will be given the money prize of $30 million and will receive the World Cup trophy. The Super Bowl is a game where the champion will be decided from 2 football teams representing the 2 conferences: the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference comprising 16 teams each (at the start of the season). The Vince Lombardi is awarded to the winner and this is the most watched television broadcast in America and it’s regarded almost as a national holiday. Olympics are an international event featuring a variety of winter and summer sports.


The World Cup is held in a location chosen with 7 years in advance. At the beginning it used to alternate between Europe and South America, but nowadays other countries have developed the necessary resources to host such a global event. The Super Bowl takes place in a location chosen from 3 to 5 years in advance within the US. Candidate city stadiums are reviewed to see if they match the necessary requirements such as sufficient stadium capacity and the latest renovations. The location for the Olympics is chosen 7 years in advance after an application is submitted to the Olympics Committee.


The World Cup is held every four years. The competition takes one month to complete, 2 days rest being given between the round of 16, the semifinal and the final. The Super Bowl is played on the first Sunday in February each year. The Olympics are held every two even numbered years.


  • The World Cup is a global football event which involves 32 national teams playing for the title of world champion; the Super Bowl is an American football event which determines the national champion. The Olympics are a global event featuring summer and winter sports alternately.
  • The location for the World Cup is decided 7 years in advance taking into consideration global locations; the Super Bowl takes place in a location in US chosen 3 or 5 years in advance. The location for the Olympics is decided 7 years in advance.
  • The World Cup takes place every 4 years; the Super Bowl is an annual event scheduled for the first Sunday of February. The Olympics take place every two even numbered years.


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