White Eggs vs. Brown Eggs

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Difference between White Eggs and Brown Eggs

If you’re a foodie and even if you are not, you must have come across opinions about two kinds of eggs or at least heard of them – white and brown. Eggs are an integral part of any non-vegetarian cuisine be it any ethnic group or culture. There have been a lot of preconceptions made by people all over the world regarding these two kinds of eggs. In this article we will explore those opinions and provide you with the facts about the white and brown eggs.

White Eggs
Brown Eggs

Outer Appearance

These two types of eggs are similar in size and shape and there have not been any facts established that one type is bigger and the other is smaller. The sizes vary in a similar manner with both kinds, the only difference in the appearance is the outer color which is the sole reason for this categorization of eggs. The color of so called ‘brown eggs’ ranges from reddish brown to light brown and that of white eggs from off-white to white depending upon the breed of the hen.

Difference in Color

The reason behind the difference in the colors of the eggs is attributed only to the breed of hen which laid the eggs. The brown eggs come from breeds which have red and brown feathers and earlobes. On the other hand white eggs come from the types of hens with white feathers and earlobes.

Nutrition Value Myth

Some people hold the opinion that brown eggs have much more nutrition value than that of white ones. This belief is nothing but a myth. The two do not differ at all in their nutrition values, however the eggs which are the products of copulation (i.e. eggs which upon hatching would have yielded chicken) no doubt have higher nutrition than the eggs which are simply the result of ovulation.


Some people prefer white eggs just because they look fresh and clean while others prefer brown eggs because it is easier to locate the eggs’ shell in the food if it fell into the food. Some chefs prefer brown eggs for certain dishes and white for the others because they believe in the difference in the tastes of the two. Although you can’t argue with chefs (they can tell even the minutest of differences in taste, can’t they?), but unfortunately they are wrong on this; as the differences in the tastes of the white and brown eggs turns out be just another falsity. Actually the difference in the taste is not due to the difference in the color but the taste depends upon the diet of the hen!


  • White and Brown eggs are the two types of eggs which differ in their outer colors due to the type of hen they've been laid by.
  • There is no other difference in the two kinds of eggs be it their composition, nutrition values, size and shape or taste.
  • However the myths about such differences prevail throughout the world with different myths associated with different cultures, cuisines and people.
  • The difference in taste between eggs ‘boils down’ to the diet of the hens laying them.

Which eggs are Healthier?
  • White Eggs
  • Brown Eggs

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