Ireland vs. England

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Difference between Ireland and England

While most British aren't likely to mind being mistaken for Irish, the inverse isn't necessarily true. The Irish are notoriously sensitive about being mistaken for British, perhaps owing to the fact that they are an entirely separate country with its own unique culture and that there is virtually nothing the same about them, save the English language, their shared history, and propensity for rain. The two countries are about as different as any two could be, as you will see from this comparison.



The Republic of Ireland is a sovereign country located in northwest Europe. It occupies more than 80% of the island of Ireland, which itself was divided in two in 1921. The country is bordered by Northern Ireland on the northeast and its other borders meet the Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea, St. George's Channel, and the Celtic Sea. England is the primary country in the monarchy formally known as The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is located near the northwestern coast of the European continent, and is basically an island country that covers Great Britain, the northeastern section of the island of Ireland, and numerous other small islands. England is surrounded on nearly all sides by water: the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the English Channel and the Irish Sea. The exception is Northern Ireland, with which the country shares a border with the Republic of Ireland.


Ireland started out as a dominion of the British Commonwealth, although it would increase its sovereignty until being renamed as a sovereign state. 1949 was the year that Ireland declared itself a republic and discarded its dominion status. Interestingly enough, Ireland was one of the few countries that managed to retain its democratic process and economic solvency throughout British rule, despite being one of the poorest counties in Europe. England is actually only one part of the United Kingdom, and it makes up the constitutional monarchy along with Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. England follows a parliamentary system of government.


Ireland is currently ranked the 31st economic power in the world, and it had the sixth highest gross domestic product per capita in 2006. The country also has one of the highest Human Development Index rankings in the world. England for its part is definitely a developed country, boasting of the sixth largest economy in the world. Today, England maintains a strong economic influence in the global and domestic markets.



  • Is a parliamentary democracy and a republic
  • Shares a north-eastern border with Northern Ireland
  • Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea, St George's Channel, and the Celtic Sea
  • Maintained its solvency and democratic form of government even under British rule


  • Is an island country
  • Is comprised of Great Britain, the northeastern part of the island of Ireland, and numerous other smaller islands
  • Has a parliamentary system of government
  • Seat of government is in London
  • Was the largest empire in history, with as much as a fourth of the world previously under its rule
  • Has exerted considerable influence on the language, culture and legal systems of many countries that it previously ruled over


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