LED TV vs. 3D TV: How is 3D better?

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Difference between LED TV and 3D TV

Television is a form of media which has been evolving since it was first introduced to the market more than a hundred years ago. Before modern times, the TV used to be black and white and was often encased in a wooden cabinet with sliding doors. After that came the smaller version of the black and white TV until it became a colored TV, but all of these use the traditional picture tube which makes the TV appear bulky. Now, TV has evolved into something far better. They now have a wide selection from flat screen TV, a wall mount TV and an LCD TV. But there are two more popular types of TV today, and these are the LED TV and the 3D TV. Read below and thoroughly compare these two latest technologies in television.



A LED TVs in 2010 are currently manufactured by Vizio, ProScan, LG Electronics, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic and Samsung Electronics. These TVs are classified as LCD TVs but unlike the normal LCD TV which uses fluorescent lights, the LED TV makes use of LED backlighting. Basically, there are two types of LED backlighting namely the Dynamic RGB LED and the White Edge-LED. The Dynamic RGB LED is the LED which is placed behind the panel. The White Edge-LED on the other hand is placed surrounding the skin’s rim. The screen of a LED TV makes use of a panel with special diffusion which is in turn responsible for evenly spreading out light from behind the TV screen. A 3D TV on the other hand is a unit of television which was inspired by the style of 3D presentations like 2D and 3D displays, 2D plus depth, a multi-view capture, and a stereoscopic capture. The 3D display is defined as the special device used for viewing which projects all our favorite shows on TV appears realistic.


As early as 1844, 3D or 3 dimensional imaging first became popular. After the success of 3D glasses they put 3D to more good uses, especially through movies. LED TV only came to the market at present due to the unending study of people who pursued innovation to make it become more useful and entertaining.


Instead of using the old LCD-CCFL or the Colds Cathode Fluorescent Lamps for LCD TVs, the most widely used nowadays is the LED. Aside from the screen of the television being the most recognized difference, there are more functions in a LED TV which can benefit you compared to an LCD TV. These benefits include the lesser energy consumption and the like. 3D TV on the other hand has four technologies which functions to produce a more 3D effect. These are the Anaglyphic, Autostereoscopic, Polarization and the Alternate Frame Sequencing.


  • LED TVs are the latest technology in television these days.
  • 3D TV is a new version of viewing experience for the family.
  • LED TV is a type of LCD TV which saves more energy than typical TVs.
  • The LED TV is better because it can be used everyday.

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