The Fashion Show vs. Project Runway

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Difference between The Fashion Show and Project Runway

Fashion is one of the greatest inventions of men. It’s like wearing art and popularizes different designs of clothing which accentuates our personalities. Wherever we go, fashion is always there. On a different note, television has brought fashion to a whole new level. Before, television was used as a medium to bring the latest news to men until game shows and soaps came in. And because of the evolution of popular shows on TV, reality shoes made their debut. There are so many types of reality shows you can watch and there are some shows which you never thought would be created that are created. One of these is fashion reality television. At present, two reality shows have been fighting for audience market share in the name of fashion, namely The Fashion Show and Project Runway.

The Fashion Show
Project Runway


The Fashion Show is a reality television show in the United States aired on the Bravo Network. This show centers on fashion and its design. The Fashion Show is hosted by Kelly Rowland and Isaac Mizrahi who is a famous fashion designer. In this series, the fashion designer hopefuls compete with each contestant to make the best of clothes within time constraints. Aside from having little time, they also have little materials and themes. Every week, a designer is eliminated once their work does not pass by the judges. Project Runway on the other hand is shown on Lifetime Television. It is a US based reality TV show which also centers on fashion. Project Runway is hosted by Heidi Klum, an international super model. The format of the program is very much the same as The Fashion Show and there are also weekly eliminations.


The Fashion Show, which is a replacement for Project Runway has already shown 12 episodes since their start and at present in 2010 is still at season 1. Project Runway on the other hand was a long running fashion TV which has already aired 7 seasons.


The format of the show (The Fashion Show) starts off with a task given to a fashion designer with time constraints and scarcity of materials and other things. The next thing that happens by the end of the week, an assessment of the performance of each contestant is done to determine who will be eliminated. Every week, one person gets eliminated until it all comes down to three contestants, where they will be fighting for the final prize. The same format applies to Project Runway and the same rules are observed as well.


  • The Fashion Show is a new show in Bravo which is made to replace the Project Runway which was previously shown in that channel.
  • The Fashion Show is hosted by Kelly Rowland while the Project Runway is hosted by the super model Heidi Klum.
  • The Fashion Show is a fashion reality show which is like Project Runway.
  • Project Runway is better than The Fashion Show because mainly, the latter is just a new show.

Which is better TV fashion show?
  • The Fashion Show
  • Project Runway

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