Santa Barbara vs. Napa Valley Wineries: Where's the best wine?

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Difference between Santa Barbara Wineries and Napa Valley Wineries

Napa Valley is known to be a unique experience for those who have had a taste of this place but it is not the only Californian county that prides itself in being the best wine sellers. Santa Barbara wineries are considered amongst the best too. The best aspect of both these counties is that every wine lover is never going to forget these places or their wines.

Santa Barbara Wineries
Napa Valley Wineries

The Information

Touring in a wine country holds a lot of promises and more than just exquisite wine. They offer knowledge, variety, experience and memories of the rarest wines in their respective areas. If you are seriously a fan of learning about wines, you can even ask your travel agent to mark down places that you must visit in Napa or Santa Barbara.

The Taste

A wine shop is not always credited with giving you the best but it is the wine country that prides itself in this area. With Napa Valley and Santa Barbara, you do not only get to enjoy the wine but also the landscapes, the gardens of grapevine and the surroundings which give the best experiences you could ask for. Napa Valley wine tours offer people different specialties such as Italian styles of producing wines and other popular names in this area such as Mario Andretti who is known for producing the best wine in aspects of quality. If you know the taste of grape, you know a good mixture is waiting for you in Napa Valley. Santa Barbara does not lack behind in this quality and it does not fail to satisfy wine lovers as they present Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and also Rhone amongst their varieties. Feel free to visit a tasting room to give you taste buds a treat.

The Places to Be

When in Santa Barbara, you must know the places to go to when you want the best of the wines they have to offer. These include names such as Sunstone Winery, Guiney Vineyards, Blackjack Ranch Vineyards, Rideau, Kalyra, Zaca Mesa and Fess Parker Winery. These are amongst the fine brands that offer red and white whites in varieties so that you can taste and choose the flavor best suitable for you. However, wineries in Napa Valley are amongst the most popular in the world and these names include V.Sattui winery, Signorelli winery, Domaine Chandon winery, Andretti winery and Ruther Ford Ranch winery. As Napa Valley is considered the heart of wine country for wine lovers, these places and names are known to any wine lovers anywhere in the world.


Where Napa Valley is known for being the best wine makers, Santa Barbara does not stay behind in this race as they join Napa Valley's exquisite tastes and fondness for wine making. Both of them are considered the best because:

  • Where Napa Valley has experience and reputation, Santa Barbara is in the process of earning it and is doing successfully so far.
  • One looks for the best of what wines can offer and both these wine countries offer different tastes and mixtures that you are promised not to taste elsewhere.

Which maker produces better wines?
  • Santa Barbara Wineries
  • Napa Valley Wineries

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