Edge Lit vs. Backlit: Which is better LED TV?

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Difference between Edge Lit LED and Backlit LED

Each television has a different way of displaying picture using different resolutions. The colors and contrasts are all different as well as the appearances. Although some people may think that the Edge Lit and Backlit are the same television, there are quite a few differences. The Backlit version has higher contrast ratios than the Edge Lit version. They both however do have some similarities and both are wall mountable as preferred.


With televisions, differences come down to the size, the length, width, height and picture. The main difference between the Edge Lit LED TV and the Backlit appearance is the thickness of the television. While an Edge Lit is pretty thin and skinny, the Backlit is a bit bigger. To some people this doesn't matter much, but to others this difference in appearance makes all the difference. An Edge Lit can be as thin as 1.2” or less while a backlit can be 3.9” or even 5.0” thick.


The Edge Lit is an LCD television of extremely light weight that produces a great picture and it is easily maintainable. With the screen being so thin and light weight it’s easy to move and mount onto the wall. However, the Edge Lit is much less expensive than the Backlit and often presents uneven brightness. The Backlit on the other hand is a bit thicker in width as well as heavier to move when mounting or cleaning. However the Backlit does offer superb picture quality, better than the Edge Lit. 


While the Edge Lit is cheaper than the Backlit, the Backlit has every reason to be more expensive. The Backlit has LED lights that are actually positioned behind the screen which results in something called “local dimming.” This means that if the picture needs to be lighter in one area and darker in another area that can be easily achieved. The Edge Lit on the other hand has LED lights that go around the edges of the frame. Therefore the contrast isn't as good and they don’t distribute independently, but instead evenly across the screen. This is the main reason why the Backlit is more expensive than the Edge Lit, even though the Edge Lit is thinner.


  • The Edge Lit is skinnier than the Backlit and less expensive.
  • Although the Edge Lit is less expensive the picture quality is no where near as good as the Backlit.
  • The Backlit has lights behind the screen while the Edge Lit has them around the screen, thus making the Edge Lit quality worse. 
  • The Backlit is thicker and more expensive because of the local dimming that comes along with it. 
  • The Edge Lit can be as thin as 1.2 or less while the Backlit can be as thick as 5.0 or more in some cases. 

Edge-Lit Local Dimming LED Backlight Solution

Which TV would you buy?
  • Edge Lit LED
  • Backlit LED

Discuss It: comments 16

  • Guest
  • sandra thompson wrote on June 2010

Redd your article. At one point you say side lit is more expensive .....

  • Guest
  • tonichi wrote on November 2011

Not "Redd" >>> spell READ for both present and past tense (just pronounce it as "REED" and "RED" for the present and past tense, respectively.

  • Guest
  • Anon User wrote on February 2012

You're an expert, huh?

  • Guest
  • duken wrote on December 2018

have no idea who you referred to, but your comment implies you think you know more than the other. and it also shows you are not too friendly and easy to get along with

  • Guest
  • duken wrote on December 2018

this is correct. similar in a way to there their they're he he he

  • Guest
  • duken wrote on December 2018

explain where you read that. I must be blind as I read the article twice and didn't see words saying the edge lit is more expensive

3rd para: However, the Edge Lit is much less expensive than the Backlit

4th para, first sentence- While the Edge Lit is cheaper than the Backlit, the Backlit has every reason to be more expensive.

4th para, last sentence-This is the main reason why the Backlit is more expensive than the Edge Lit

summary, point 1-The Edge Lit is skinnier than the Backlit and less expensive.

summary, point 2-Although the Edge Lit is less expensive

summary, point 4-The Backlit is thicker and more expensive

I still dont see where it said edge lit more expensive.

also-----also where does he say side lit. an edge is way different than a side. the edge is the farthest out part of the side. reference to a side can refer to a very wide part. tho edges can be quite wide they are normally only a small (furthest out) part of a side. sometimes reference to a side means more specific than other references to the side. refer to someone on the left side of the picture and they could be the last one on the left or anywhere on the left side which can be almost half of an object. a car has a definite left and right side. so does a house. but where does the left side of a football of a city exist? where does the left side of side of a table exist. a side is not an edge.

Nice article. LED TV is the best TV. Good job keep going on...

  • Guest
  • T S Sarangarajan wrote on October 2010

Thanks. But is there any TV in India which has backlit LED technology. If so pse intimate as I am looking to purchase one of 40/46inches. thanks once again.

  • Guest
  • Paras Raizada wrote on May 2015

I recently bought SHARP which has all backlit TV's. Quality is excellent

  • Guest
  • duken wrote on December 2018

to be corrective, I doubt you bought sharp cus that reference implies you bought the company. I am thinking you bought a sharp tv e.g. a tv made or sold by sharp company

a product is typically not referred to soley by the company name

when you buy a chevy you didn't buy Chevrolet. but if someone asks you what brand you bought, then it is accurate to reply "Chevrolet"

LG only has a 46inch Back lit 3D LED TV. YOu can check this.

  • Guest
  • wedding photographer suffolk wrote on February 2011

Just brought a Sony KDL-46HX803 (edge lit) and when I veiwed a back lit and edge lit side by side in the show room you couldnt tell much of a difference. The back lit had a bit more saturation but that could have just been down to the settings. Either way the performance was so close I wasnt prepared to spend the extra money to have backlit.

  • Guest
  • tonichi wrote on November 2011

The problem will be solved. The future of thinner and thinner HDTV is in this technology !!!

  • Guest
  • Jarrett wrote on November 2011

I work at Sears as an electronics expert. The thickness of a back lit tv is now remarkably thin. (i.e. The Sharp 60"-70" LED) which is only 2.8" thick at the mounting point. I've stared at LED, LCD, and Plasma for a while now. Hands down Samsung LED 6300 series wins.

  • Guest
  • Suzi wrote on August 2014

What's your opinion now in 2014 Jarrett, besides a 4k which is out of my price range.

I realize youre an expert. but how a tv picture (reception) looks is in the eye of the looker. we dont all have the same vision driven by our brain. view and sound quality is all based on the individual. one may think a 1000 turntable plays much better music, but the radio sounded just as good too me. only those ears and eyes, that have brains demanding that which is advertised or presented as higher quality will be concerned about the quality. it takes relatively poor quality before most concern themselves with it. Personally, I cannot see an HD tv picture as better than the non hd presentation. But that is me, not all.

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