Gizmodo vs. Engadget: What is the difference?

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Difference between Gizmodo and Engadget

Gizmodo and Engadget are among the most eminent multilingual technology weblogs on electronic gadgets. The two blogs have risen to great heights in the recent past with the people all across the world becoming aware of the geeky electronic items and developing a craze for them. These blogs are known for providing up to date information on the latest electronics and their well researched analysis. The availability of the websites’ content in multiple languages is one of the reasons of their deep outreach to the mass. The two websites have a lot in common but also differ in many respects.



Gizmodo is the technology blog that deals with the information on consumer electronics and coverage on the latest happenings in the technology world. Owned by Nick Denton, it is run as a part of Gawker Media network. Gizmodo is presently sponsored by Lufthansa – the largest Airline in Europe.

Engadget is a much enhanced weblog than Gizmodo with additional podcasting feature. The niche of the blog is same as that of Gizmodo. Presently Engadget includes a network of nine websites in all, operating in different languages in different parts of the world and is owned by AOL Tech.


Gizmodo was launched in 2002. The original editor of Gizmodo was one of the co-founders of the website – Peter Rojas. Later on, Peter was hired by Weblog Inc. in order to launch a similar technology blog ‘Engadget’ for them. Thus Engadget was also co-founded by Peter Rojas. Engadget was launched in March, 2004 as a member of Weblog Inc. However, Engadget is presently owned by AOL Tech. as the company bought Weblog Inc. in 2005.


Engadget boasts of its popular podcasts whereas Gizmodo does not have the podcasting feature in its weblog. The Engadget Podcast, launched in Oct. 2004, has gone through a series of changes in terms of show hosts and producers. Engadget’s podcasts are presently hosted by editor-in-chief, Joshua Topolsky. He is occasionally accompanied by the other editors Paul Miller and Nilay Patel who appear as special guests.


Engadget is undoubtedly far famous than its ‘sort of ancestor’ – Gizmodo. The popularity of Engadget is primarily due to the big driving force of Internet giants like Weblog Inc. initially and now AOL Tech. Engadget won the Weblog Award 2007.

The launch of the show named ‘The Engadget Show’ in September 2009, tells the success story of Engadget in the recent past. It is a monthly video show that is taped in the New York City and offers free entry to all. The Engadget Show invites renowned guests from the best of the technology companies like Microsoft, Palm, etc.


  • Gizmodo and Engadgets are two leading tech blogs on consumer electronics.
  • Both of these weblogs have a common co-founder Peter Rojas.
  • Although Gizmodo is a kind of ancestor to Engadget, Engadget is far popular than Gizmodo. This success of Engadget is attributed to the work force of the Industry Giants Weblog Inc. and lately Apple Tech.


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