Donald Trump vs. Richard Branson: Rich and fabulous?

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Difference between Donald Trump and Richard Branson

When it comes to high profile entrepreneur/billionaires, two names consistently register in the public radar: Donald Trump and Richard Branson. The two are undeniably charismatic and highly recognizable figures, so much so that comparisons between them are often made. Here is yet another comparison of the two interesting figures, and it aims to show their most significant characteristics.

Donald Trump
Richard Branson


According to his listing on the Forbes 400, Donald Trump made his fortune primarily on the strength of his real estate dealings. For a name that is seemingly everywhere, the Trump brand name actually has fairly limited scope and market appeal. 

In contrast, Richard Branson has made his mark in the public consciousness with more than 30 years of plugging away at promoting his Virgin brand, a conglomerate that covers the range from a wildly successful music label, to an airline and more recently, retail music outlets. Branson has also since made inroads into the travel, financial service, health club, and cellular phone industries, further strengthening his hold on the market as well as the recall factor of his various endeavors. The Virgin Group is actually comprised of no less than 350 different companies, all of which he founded himself. Branson currently has a net worth of over $8.1 billion.

Rise To The Top

Contrary to his widely publicized image, Donald Trump isn't actually an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word, nor did he become wealthy through his own efforts. He actually inherited most of his considerable wealth from his father, although he admittedly multiplied this inheritance into billions with a string of successful real estate deals. Trump also has educational background in business, although his scope is largely limited to the United States.

Richard Branson for his part is a true-blue entrepreneur and much of his fortune is due to his own hard work and initiative. The Virgin Group of companies started out as a mail-order record firm, and he has expanded this core business into the areas mentioned previously. Interestingly enough, Branson is also a high school drop out who has had virtually no further education…not bad for a person whose businesses span the globe, eh?


The two men also differ radically in their management styles, as exemplified in their television shows. In "The Apprentice ", Trump clearly doesn't get involved in the details of his dealing, and leaves his minions to do the dirty work. Branson for his part shows no qualms about rubbing elbows with the unwashed masses on his own TV show, and he is regularly seen in the thick of the action along with the contestants.


Donald Trump

  • Made his fortune primarily from real estate
  • Inherited most of his wealth 
  • Is well-educated
  • Business activities are mostly confined to the United States
  • Isn't always involved in the finer details of the business 

Richard Branson

  • Has spent over 30 years in building the Virgin brand name
  • Is involved with numerous businesses such as music, air transport, travel, financial services, and many more 
  • A self-made entrepreneur
  • Dropped out of high school 
  • Has businesses in many countries all over the world 
  • Stands to make a fortune in space tourism

Who has better hair?
  • Donald Trump
  • Richard Branson

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