Google vs. Apple: Technology Forward?

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Difference between Google and Apple

For many people, Apple remains one of the most innovative and forward looking companies on the scene, with a clear understanding of what the market needs in order to access information, keep in touch, or simply be entertained. Nevertheless, the company does have its share of detractors and numerous competitors have seen fit to try to fill the gap with their own products. One such company is Google and with its Android line and Google tablet, it aims to take Apple head on. Let's see if it has what it takes to measure up.


Notable Accomplishments

Among some of the most recognizable and popular products of Apple are the iPod in its various incarnations, the iPhone, and the iPad. These products have managed to capture a huge portion of their respective markets, due in large part to Apple’s aggressive marketing campaigns. Of course the fact that these products just generally work well and look good helps ensure a solid market base as well.

Google for its part is best known as the name behind the foremost search engine on the scene. The company has since seen fit to enter the mobile devices market with the Android platform, which is available for no less than ten Smart Phones from different manufacturers. The company is also making waves with its Nexus phone and the new Google Tablet, which clearly has the iPad in its sights.

Applications And Functionality

Both companies aim to provide users with a straightforward user interface that closely mirrors the web-browsing experience. Apple clearly has the edge in this regard, mostly by virtue of the fact that it has been in the game longer. Nevertheless, industry observers predict that good things are in the works from Google, with the new tablet being a particularly promising offering.

Apple offers uses access to well over 100,000 applications by way of its App Store. Google for its part has the Android Market, which pales in comparison with around 20,000 apps on tap.

Accessibility And Compatibility

Where the two companies are markedly different is in their compatibility policies. Apple is of course well known for restricting users to its proprietary applications with comparatively few opportunities for 3rd party development. This is in stark contrast to Google’s open platform policy and it may just be a significant factor in the future growth of the latter company.



  • Accommodates a longer list of carriers
  • Allows affiliates such as wireless companies to profit from app sales
  • Android is particularly favored by many wireless companies
  • Operates with the goal of providing mobile solutions for a variety of different segments of the market
  • Offers more than 20,000 apps on the Android Market


  • Offers users the convenience of being able to download virtually any application needed on the fly, particularly in the case of the iPad
  • Does not provide carriers with a cut off app sales
  • Offers no less than 100,000 applications via the iPhone App Store
  • Still seen by many as an innovator in various fields
  • Undeniable “style” appeal


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  • Mac Lover . 3+ yrs. ago

If you go to NYU, you can see macs everywhere,it is a Mac school. Agree, apple does have undeniable "style" appeal.

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