Diet Coke vs. Coke Zero: Which is better?

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Difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero

A lot of people fuss over Diet Coke, Classic Coke, Coke Zero and every other form of Coke out there. Since they more or less taste the same, the main question is, “which is healthier?” Well although that’s only one tiny question, its answer is complicated. Along with health comes the decision of which one tastes better as compared to its supposed health value, as well as which one looks more intriguing. One major difference in particular is the way these two are sweetened. While one only has one sweetener in it, the other has actually two different ones. One is also surprisingly healthier than the other in the calorie per ml aspect.

Diet Coke
Coke Zero


One key advantage to both of these products is that they’re not sweetened with sugar. They are both sweetened with other sweeteners and while diet coke only has one sweetener, Coke Zero has two sweeteners. Coke Zero has acesulfame potassium and aspartame. Diet coke on the other hand is only sweetened with aspartame. Coke Zero’s two sweeteners give it more taste but seems to pull it into the lead with a lower amount of calories. Both of these sweeteners also help in creating a difference in taste between the two.

Taste and Nutrition

Some people are very concerned with health and yet still feel the need to have soda in their life. For those people Diet Coke and Coke Zero were made to be a little healthier as well as being as tasty as regular Coke. Now although they tried to make Diet Coke tasty and nutritious, for many they failed. You see Diet Coke has a formula that’s altogether different from Classic Coke which makes it an acquired taste. Coke Zero on the other hand has the same formula as Classic Coke with different sweeteners for health reasons. Another huge difference is that surprisingly, Diet Coke has 1 calorie per 100ml while Coke Zero has 0.5 calories per 100ml.


These two drinks are from the same company but both have different forms of advertising, making them appealing to different people as well as altogether. While Diet Coke has more musical advertisements with ladies gawking over men, Coke Zero has a lot of mission impossible type advertisements. It appears as though they trying to create an image in our minds that says Coke Zero was thought to be impossible, but it is possible and it’s here. With no sugar and fewer calories, it’s the best of both worlds. Coke Zero also used a lot of black and white ads in the beginning which was very appealing with the bold red, like the black cherry cokes.


  • While Coke Zero uses the same formula as Classic Coke, Diet Coke has a completely different formula which alters the taste in more ways than one.
  • Coke Zero uses two different sweeteners and Diet Coke only uses one.
  • Diet Coke has 1 calorie per 100ml and Coke Zero has 0.5 calories per 100ml.
  • Both of their advertisements differ, with Coke Zeros being more appealing to people then Diet Cokes.
  • They both include no real sugar in their products, which is great for certain people who can’t consume pure sugar.
  • Unfortunately, aspartame is linked to several serious neurological illnesses and is used in both sugar free Coke products. Coke Zero also uses acesulfame which is linked to tumors, leukemia and respiratory problems. So drink in moderation!


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